7 Things To Consider When Choosing Fabrics For Girls Clothes Online In Singapore

  7 Things To Consider When Choosing Fabrics For Girls Clothes Online In Singapore

When you shop for a dress for your girls, what are the factors you consider? The design? The price? The brand? Have you ever considered the fabric used for a toddler girl cardigan?

Choosing the perfect fabric for thegirls clothes online in Singaporecan be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with each one. Can you identify which is cotton and which is batiste, jersey knit, fleece, or bamboo rayon?

The type of fabric is not the only factor you should consider when buying girl dresses online in Singapore. The fabric texture, colour, and weight are only a few of many factors you must always keep in mind.

Continue to read this article to learn how to choose the perfect fabric and textile when shopping for adress for your little girls.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Fabrics For Girl’s Dresses Online In Singapore

Why must parents consider the fabrics for children’s clothes? Firstly, children’s comfort is the utmost priority. Kids have sensitive skin. Children feel itchy when they wear a shirt with rough textile. The result? Children become irritated, restless, and moody throughout the day.

Secondly, children make a mess of themselves all the time. Smack a chocolate cake on their clothes and tumble down the muddy and puddly turf. Your toddler girl cardigan must not wear off easily after a handful of washes.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing fabric for girls clothes online in Singapore:

1. Type of fabric

All types of fabric differ in their primary materials. Fabrics have natural and synthetic textiles. It is better to choose natural fibres for babies, toddlers, and kids.

Synthetic fabrics have chemicals and substances harmful to your child’s health.

Here are the most common natural fabrics for baby and children’s clothes:

●    Cotton

Cotton is probably the most favoured material for girls clothes online in Singapore. Clothes that are 100% cotton are made from fine thread. They are soft to touch yet have crisp to them. A toddler girl cardigan made of cotton is hypoallergenic, perfect for children with sensitive skin.

Moreover, cotton is an excellent moisture absorber. They are breathable and dry fast, perfect for active children.

●    Jersey knit

Jersey knit is a soft knitted fabric made of wool, cotton, and other fibres, including polyester and polycotton. Jersey knit is a downy, breathable, and stretchable fabric.

Because of its spandex-like quality, jersey knit fabrics are perfect for wiggly babies and active kids.

●    Handkerchief linen

Linen or handkerchief linen is a semi-sheer fabric that is soft, breathable, and lightweight. This fabric has a natural elegance in its appearance, making it an ideal textile for a christening gown and dress for girls.

However, handkerchief linen needs more ironing as it creases faster.

●    Bamboo rayon

Bamboo rayon is made from bamboo plant cellulose. Bamboo rayons are soft, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and thermal-regulating.

However, it can cause irritation to kids with eczema as it may contain solutions and chemicals to soften the fabric.

●    Fleece

Fleece is a light fabric made of polyester. An alternative to wool, fleece has excellent insulating properties, perfect for cold climates.

Besides jackets andtoddler girl cardigans, fleece is a favourite material for blankets because of its heat-retaining ability.

2. Fabric weight

Believe it or not, some fabrics are heavy while others are light. Both garments have pros and cons when it comes to girls clothes online in Singapore.

It is ideal to choose a lightweight fabric for baby onesies. Boy’s shirts andgirl dresses online in Singapore should also be light.

Concerning the bottoms, such as pants, trousers, and skirts, medium-weight fabrics are ideal. Trousers and skirts get damaged easily, so thicker textile brings extra resistance.

3. The drape of the fabric

We want clothes that have a gorgeous drape, especially for skirts and girl dresses online in Singapore.

Some garments wrinkle easily and need ironing before being worn. Others are just wrinkle-free fabric. You can determine if the garment has a nice drape by squeezing them. A wrinkle-free piece of clothing doesn’t leave creases after squeezing or wringing.

However, be extra careful with billowy dresses as they are prone to catching fire. Ensure your kid is far from open flames when wearing a billowy dress.

4. The durability of the fabric


Although kids rapidly outgrow their clothes, they still need durable ones that can last thousands of washes. Babies and kids change clothes four or more times a day, when sweat soaks the shirt or when they stain their clothes.

Kids are also active; they run, jump, and grab each other’s shirts whilst playing. Parents must also find boy’s andgirls clothes online in Singapore that can withstand hundreds of machine wash and rigorous play.

5. Hypoallergenic fabric

Kids have sensitive skin and are prone to skin conditions such as eczema. Rough garments and the chemicals and solutions used in textiles could trigger allergies and eczema flares.

If you are looking for hypoallergenic fabrics, opt for natural garments like cotton. Apart from cotton lacking chemicals, it is a soft and breathable fabric; less irritating to already irritated skin.

Ask your shop if they have a hypoallergenic toddler girl cardigan.

6. Fast-drying fabric

As mentioned, kids change clothes multiple times, so it is advantageous if the fabric is fast-drying. You can ensure that your child has fresh clothes ready every day.

Moreover, fast-drying clothes are also ideal for active kids. The sweat-damp shirts don’t soak your child’s back for a long period during playtime. Kids are more comfortable playing, and the fabric is less likely to accumulate odour.

7. Resistance to fading

Expect to wash baby’s clothes and dress for girls more often than your clothes. Repeated hand wash and machine wash may result in fading, but all clothes do fade.

The trick is in the method of washing. Always put clothes of the same colour into the machine. Avoid mixing other colours as the different coloured dyes may attach to the clothing.


Remember, the comfort of your kids relies on the quality of fabric they wear. Ensure not to apply these tips when choosinggirls clothes online in Singapore.


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