Taxation Submissions and Your Opportunities

Those who know a little about public finances know that the percentage is much higher. We explain: the amount released by the Federal Revenue considers the amount effectively collected, but as the tax evasion in the country is very high, companies that have tax compliance end up “paying” for this tax evasion – which makes them responsible for a collection much higher than disclosed somewhere around 47.9%.

In addition to the high tax burden, taxes have a very high “hidden cost”: the cost of complying with accessory tax obligations.

Solutions to minimize cost

But why do we quote this data? For a simple fact: the entrepreneur who works in Brazil needs to find solutions to reduce the cost of tax obligations, a vital factor for survival in such a competitive and expensive market.

In fact, it is possible to go further: the entrepreneur who can have a vision of the national scenario can take advantage of the cost. While their competitors are pressuring the profit margin or looking for cheaper inputs to obtain a minimum reduction in the selling price, the entrepreneur who can understand the cost is able to achieve significant margins in reducing his cost through tax strategies, presenting most competitive prices on the market. For that using the sales tax calculator zip code is the best solution.

This means, at least, acting on two fronts:

Reduction in the cost of accessory obligations:

The main way to reduce the cost of ancillary obligations is through investment in technology. Currently, the main form of cost reduction has been with the use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Reduction of the cost of the main obligations:

Act regularly with tax review services. Although hiring these services means an initial disbursement, the reality has shown that companies with tax review practices have a lower tax cost than the others, and we can cite two reasons for this:

If the revenue identifies any irregularity, the fines are very high. For example, the simple lack of bookkeeping of an invoice presents a penalty of 10% of the value of the document. Now, imagine a company that issues 10,000 NFs a month and, for a simple electronic or human error, stop writing one, only one, invoice for a high-value product? Depending on the company, the cost of an error could afford to maintain a tax review for more than five years.

In almost all services provided to Tax agency customers, unused credits were identified. Most of the unused credits refer to the lack of knowledge of the legislation or the lack of adequate processes. As most of the taxes are non-cumulative, those who do not take advantage of the credit, pay double.

Develop an effective tax planning system, reviewed annually

For a long time, tax planning was synonymous with tax evasion. Outdated thinking, since the STF itself has already expressed itself in favor of the practice as long as planning avoids the occurrence of the taxable event. Thus, planning is possible, even in some practical cases.Tax agency has already achieved a reduction of more than 20% of the previous tax burden.Therefore, we have three important actions to reduce costs: use of technology in the fulfillment of accessory obligations, tax review and tax planning.