Interesting facts on the smaller French bulldogs

A small French bulldog is also addressed as a teacup bulldog or a mini French bulldog which is lovable, adorable and extremely cute. A mini bulldog has all the attractive features of a full grown French bulldog and makes a wonderful dog for the family. The dog is attractive to look at and is easy-going. Owing to its small size, the dog is tender and delicate. But, the dog breed is unofficial. Till now, the American Kennel Club has not recognized the dog’s breed officially. Many people out there prefer small bulldogs for they look cute and need minimal care.

Facts on breeding

The breeding of a small bulldog takes place usually by reproducing runts of litter. Most breeders breed together the litter runts to breed tea-cup sized bulldogs. This way, the puppies inherit the desired small size but it comes with a lot of health issues.

Again, cross-breeding is a popular way to breed small bulldogs. In cross breeding, two different breeds of dogs mate, and so the puppies are not pure-bred. However, crossbreeding is the safest way to breed teacup-sized French bulldogs.

Again, the third and the last way to breed a small French bulldog is Dwarfism. Dwarfism totally relies on genetic formation of a French bulldog where the growth is restricted with smaller limbs and a smaller body type.

A French bulldog does not require strenuous exercise

A Frenchie dog automatically has lower energy levels, and so it does not need strenuous exercises. Again, the grooming needs is also minimal. You just need to bathe your Frenchie to keep away germs and infection. The task of bathing a Frenchie is easy for the dog’s stature is short. When it comes to brushing, a Frenchie needs occasional brushing. Occasionally, you may brush its fur. Keep the nails short and maintain dental hygiene. You can train your dog so that it adopts these habits from a tender age.

The teacup Frenchie is amusing but stubborn

As a teacup frenchie is cute, adorable and amusing, it may be pampered by the family to make it stubborn. Hence, it needs more time to train them. You need to be patient in training a mini bulldog and invest time. Give positive reinforcement so that the dog knows about the good job he is doing.

The cost of teacup sized mini bulldogs may move up to $2000 to $8000. As the dog is docile, it will follow you everywhere. To care for a mini Frenchie, you may buy dog care supplies from