FAQs About Getting a Personal Protection Order in Singapore

A Personal Protection Order (PPO) is a Singapore Court order that prevents the offending family member from harming you, your children, or other family members. It is issued when the Court determines the likely occurrence of violence, and a protection order is required. Unless the criminal consents to the award of the PPO, the PPO is only issued following a […]

Why Couples Should File for Simplified Uncontested Divorce in Singapore

When a Singapore divorce process becomes complicated, the situation for either of the two people becomes even more difficult. You won’t even be aware of your feelings as you traverse this new phase of your life by the time it’s through. Agreeing on child custody, assets, and parenting responsibilities will need thorough consideration, especially if both parties disagree. Filing an […]

Can You Prevent Divorce From Happening? – Find Out What You Should Do

Divorce is not just an exclusive problem in western countries. Singapore is also experiencing marriage dissolution through divorce as well. We all know that divorce in Singapore can cost around thousands for a simplified uncontested divorce, and a contested can rack up to $10,00 or more. According to the Department of Statistics in Singapore, about 4.1% of divorced units in […]

  Top 9 Qualities the Best Criminal Lawyer Should Have | Quahe Woo & Palmer 

Those who find themselves in a challenging, perplexing, or complicated situation often turn to a well-prepared and dependable practising lawyer for guidance. A client’s life can be changed dramatically and positively by a great attorney. Attorneys are there for people in some of the most difficult times of their lives, whether it’s helping them through a complicated family law matter, […]

Avoid These Mistakes After A Workplace Accident

Acquiring any kind of compensation can be difficult, and workers’ comp is no different. It does not matter whether you have got a small cut or a fractured bone; if you do not have legal assistance and take the right steps, you could lose your benefits without knowing it.  When you get injured at your workplace or while running an […]

Most Common Causes for Accidents in Los Angeles

The number of car accidents is increasing every day. On top of it, people remain least careful and keep neglecting the road rules and regulations. The number of car accidents reported in the United States in a year is dramatically increasing as each year passes. According to some recent studies, almost 38,000 people die in car accidents every year in […]

How to Deal with a Car Accident in a Right Manner

Car accidents can cause a lot of issues pertaining to the mental, physical and financial health of a person. It is important to tackle the case wisely after the unpleasant incident has occurred. With the help of an attorney, you will be able to make the right decision.  In order to find an attorney, you just need to search for […]

Workplace Misconduct: Everything You Need To Know 

Reports say that 31% of US workers have witnessed workplace misconduct and only half of them reported it to the authorities. One essential duty of an employer is to make the workplace safe and welcoming for people of all genders, ages, religions, sexuality, race, caste, and nationality. However, many employees do not care about the unethical behavior happening in their […]