A Brief Guide to IGCSE Subjects for Singapore Students

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognised qualification for students aged 14-16. Many schools offer IGCSE subjects as an alternative to local GCE O-Level examinations in Singapore. The following are interesting facts and information about IGCSE subjects in schools in Singapore. #1 Wide Range of Subjects IGCSE offers various subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, […]

10 tips for acing JEE Exams

JEE is the Joint Entrance examination. It is an entrance assessment and it is held for the candidates who yearn to pursue a career in engineering as well as technical studies. Following are the 10 tips for acing JEE exams- Know the syllabus well. Before starting the preparation, one should go through the complete JEE syllabus. The student should learn the […]

7 Benefits of Sending Children to a Tuition Learning Centre

Although students are often disinterested in their weaker subjects, this is not always the case. Nevertheless, students can have significantly more time to become acquainted with their school subjects by attending a reputable tuition learning centre around Singapore. The following are seven advantages of sending your child to tuition centres. #1 Improved Academic Performance Many students enrol in Science, Math […]

3 Benefits Of Applying For A Fashion Designing Course Online

Consider learning fashion designing online to gain practical knowledge and industry insights while remaining at home if you are an aspiring fashion designer or wish to advance your career in the fashion industry. You can also enrol in a Place and Train programme or learn sewing in Singapore. Learning online gives you a lot of benefits. Therefore, discover the benefits […]

7 Ways to Encourage Students to Participate in Class Activities

Not all children are comfortable speaking in front of a class. Although they can understand the lessons, their shyness might hinder their participation in discussions and group activities. For parents, it is better not to suddenly force their children to change their personalities. It is because some people are naturally born introverts while others are extroverts. And yes, there’s nothing […]


Virtual learning has been observed to be a very great idea that people all around the globe have made a fixed decision to get involved in because it gives enough time to anyone studying to have time to him or herself to study well so that we can profit positively from it. In all these we still find people discussing […]

Best Ways to Improve Your Concentration For UPSC

When it comes to competitive exams, UPSC is one of the most prestigious ones in India. However, preparing for this exam is not a cup of tea. You need proper concentration for it. Even if you are getting admission to the best UPSC coaching in India, you need to improve your concentration.  If you are a beginner, you need to […]