Different ways online tutors can use to make environmental studies a fun subject.


Environment studies is one of the important topics in the global educational system. But often teaching this important concept to students becomes lengthy and the learners find it quite monotonous and leave interest in the class. This obviously impacts their final results a lot. That is why most of the students consider online tuitions a best option to learn the subject. So if you are one of the teachers who provide online tutoring for environmental studies or other subjects for your students, here are some ways to make it very interesting and fun for your pupils.

  • Take your time explaining the subject in detailed yet crisp way — Many of the students cannot grasp the whole concept clearly because often the teachers rush with the chapters and they are not able to catch it properly. And if you want to make this subject very interesting for your students, you have to ensure that they understand each and everything in the subject very clearly. So, take your time explaining the matter to them in detail yet crisp way. You can take some help from the live examples and let them understand the concept clearly so that they can move on to the next chapter knowing the previous one well.
  • Try giving breaks in between the concepts — Giving regular breaks is the key to make your classes interesting when it comes to online tutoring. Since you are not physically present in the class, the students might get diverted after some time while you are teaching. To avoid this situation, try giving regular break in between different topics or concepts. This lets the student take some fresh air and come back with a clear mind to understand the next chapter.
  • Twist the roles — Many a times the students find the classes boring because the teacher only keeps on talking and the students have to hear them constantly for hours. If you want to make this subject and your lecture interesting, try to twist the role. You can let the student prepare a topic and explain it to the entire class or just in front of you  in a different way. This will make them read and learn the subject properly and even grab their attention when they themselves try teaching them. 
  • Ask for honest reviews — Nobody can give you better feedback of your classes then your students. Even in online tutoring, you can ask for honest reviews from students and work according to that. Like, if your students find that you are explaining from the textbook a lot and they think it is monotonous, you can try referring to other video links and audio lectures so that they find it interesting and fun.
  • Add graphics, pictures, music, games and videos in the lectures — Many of the tutors think that the interesting features of an educational app like graphics, pictures, music, games and videos are only for the formal schools or institutions. But even during the online tuition classes, you can utilise these features and make your subject and lecture interesting for your students.