How to Manage Time Effectively and Avoid Burnout While Preparing for ICSE Class 10.

In India the value of class 10th board is considered very high. Epecially for the students in ICSE level of education, it is a bit difficult, but definitely a great step for bright career. However we have seen lot of students struggling to manage time and avoid wasting it during the preparation or studying the ICSE syllabus for class 10. If you are one of those and don’t know how to tackle the huge syllabus while getting the highest marks and not wasting any of your time, then this post is definitely for you.

  • Be clear of your goal — Before you start studying and learning your ICSE syllabus for class 10, it is essential that you are clear of your goal. How much percentage do you aspire to get? And after that, concentrate on the matter as to which subject you want to pursue for your higher education? Only after being clear of these two matters, can you plan your studying timetable accordingly. For example, if you intend to get above 95% in your class 10 exam and want to pursue medical for your higher education, then you should concentrate more on science and mathematics subjects while trying to get the highest scores in all the other platforms has well.
  • Prepare a proper timetable — Managing your time and avoiding wastage of it requires following a proper schedule and timetable. So, the first thing you have to do when you step in your class 10th is create a timetable keeping in mind icse syllabus for class 10 and follow it for the next few months religiously. You should divide equal amount of time for all the subjects so that you are providing proper attention to each of them and nothing is neglected during this course of time.
  • Know your weak points and challenges — Many of you are not clear of the weak points of some subjects and because of it tend to struggle for it during the end exam moments. Remember, you have to concentrate and divide your attention on all the subjects equally. So, if you are weak in certain concept, try providing it with some more time so that at the end of the moment you are not neglecting other important topics because of this one.
  • Keep studying consistently — Many of you waste your time and other activities during the start of the year and then rush to study the important topics at the end of the moment. This is extremely wrong if you want to score good marks in your exam and utilise your time wisely. Ensure that you are studying consistently from day one to the last day of the examination. This not only keeps you less stressed and relieve the burden from your shoulders, but you will also be sure of each concept because you studied them very patiently.
  • Take regular breaks — Managing your time wisely and utilising it to the fullest doesn’t mean that you should bombard yourself with studies all throughout the year. This will only increase your stress and at the end of the day you won’t grasp as much as you expect. So, ensure that you are taking regular breaks between your studies to refresh your mind and come back with a new energy to study the rest of the part.