Building Confidence: 5 Parenting Tips to Encourage Kids to Trust Themselves

  Building Confidence: 5 Parenting Tips to Encourage Kids to Trust Themselves

Building confidence is an issue for most adults. If you asked random people: how would you rate yourself from one (lowest) to ten (highest)? Most probably would answer four, five or six as they may get a vague idea about their strengths. Some may answer ten, which indicates self-reliance, while others may answer three or below. For those who have low answers, the root cause may trace back to their early childhood development.

Building Confidence in Childhood

Perhaps, their parents don’t know how to motivate children, or they grew up in a harmful environment affecting their self-perception. Confidence is an essential factor for achieving success in life. Nothing will happen if you’ll cower in your comfort zone and hide from the possibility of growth and development. It may be daunting at first, but trusting oneself is the start of being great.

As a parent, equip your child with the proper mindset to encourage them to trust themselves as they grow older. Here’s how to motivate children to develop a strong sense of self.

How Environment Affect a Child’s Confidence

Your environment has a significant influence on how you perceive yourself. Growing up, you’ve heard how notorious people are regarding social and beauty standards.

If you’re not light-skinned, you’re automatically considered “unattractive.” If you don’t follow social norms, there’s something wrong with you. These can harm your brain development, and worse, you’ll completely lose trust in yourself.

Beyond Societal Norms

For sure, you don’t want this to happen to your child. The first thing you should do to prevent this is know how an environment can shape your children’s perception of themselves. With this, you can find a conducive environment for their early childhood education courses in Singapore.

Here are some reasons why the environment significantly impacts children’s confidence.

  • Comparison – Comparing kills confidence. Some teachers like to compare one student to another as they have biases in the class. As a result, your kids would probably think they’re not enough and may grow with this trauma.
  • Unrealistic Expectations – You’ve seen how many teenagers dislike how they look because of media influence. You’ve experienced feeling not enough because of high expectations from your parents. These can make you feel insecure about making mistakes when attending your early childhood education courses.
  • Bullying – Extreme bullying can take a toll on your children’s mental health. The harsh words from their classmates can diminish their trust in themselves and may turn into a scar as they grow older.

As you get familiar with how the environment affects your children’s self-perception, it’s time to teach them how to nurture their skills and embrace their strengths. So, learn the parenting tips in Singapore to improve your children’s confidence in the next section.


Parenting Tips to Help Children Trust Themselves

Children learn from their parents before school starts. The way you speak and act will unconsciously influence how a child thinks. That’s why you have a responsibility to develop your children’s confidence at a very young age. To do so, here are some parenting tips you need to follow.


1) Use Encouraging Words

Words are a powerful motivator or discouragement to a young mind. Parents’ words can shape the way how your children perceive themselves. If you consistently tell them they’re not good enough, they’ll grow up believing that they always lack. But, if you use positive words, they will incorporate this into their day to day living.

Before going to their writing courses in Singapore, try saying: “you are capable of learning.” You would see how it will change how they handle their lessons and stress. Instead of dwelling on what they can’t do, they’ll have a better mindset of overcoming challenges because of your inspiring words.

2) Be an Example

Children will follow in the footsteps of their parents and other adults in life. So, make sure to show a great example to improve their confidence. As a parent, it’s better to exude confidence because your children will see how you act as a person. Show a good attitude because they will imitate you.

If you want to learn how to motivate kids to study and be confident, the best thing to show is that you’re also inspired in life. There’s a saying like a mother/father, like son/daughter, because children will follow in your footsteps. So, make these footsteps a good path for their bright future.

3) Making Mistakes is Understandable

Some parents fret over when their children make mistakes like spilling a cup of tea or accidentally damaging an object. “You spilled on your shirt again? You’re so clumsy! That’s why you never learn,” this is what most parents say to their children. Unbeknownst to their knowledge, it can impact the way your children see themselves. It translates to: “I made another mistake. I’m a stupid person.”

To avoid this, you should tell your children that making a mistake is a way to learn and improve oneself. Did you spill the coffee? Then it means you know to be more careful when holding a cup. This attitude will help them get through their writing courses in Singapore because they will see failures as opportunities to grow and develop their skills.

4) Trust Their Decisions

Parents know best is true, but you should still let your children choose for themselves. Give them the freedom to explore their preferences and avoid limiting them. One of the best parenting tips you can follow is to help your children mould their natural-given talents. If they are good at sports, let them play. If they are good at music, let them try musical instruments, and so on. Trust their decisions and be supportive of their side.

5) Let Them Express

The sign of being confident is someone who can freely express themselves. As a parent, let your children express themselves without interrupting when they’re speaking. Try to listen and analyse what they’re thinking before saying they’re just complaining. One of the parenting tips you should never forget is to give your children a free space to let their emotions show.

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