Why Couples Should File for Simplified Uncontested Divorce in Singapore

Why Couples Should File for Simplified Uncontested Divorce in Singapore

When a Singapore divorce process becomes complicated, the situation for either of the two people becomes even more difficult. You won’t even be aware of your feelings as you traverse this new phase of your life by the time it’s through. Agreeing on child custody, assets, and parenting responsibilities will need thorough consideration, especially if both parties disagree.

Filing an uncontested divorce in Singapore is often a good option for both parties, regardless of who is the plaintiff or the defendant. Such divorces occur when both parties agree to all the divorce terms, and everything is final.

Here’s a guide on what you should know about it and how to prepare yourself.

How Does Uncontested Divorce Work?

If you and your spouse are divorcing amicably, you will have agreed on everything that concerns you and your family. Singapore divorce process for uncontested includes agreeing on:

  • Parental responsibility for a child
  • Division of marital assets
  • Child or spousal support
  • How the marriage came to an end

A divorce agreement may also have a provision for a prenuptial agreement. To obtain a simple uncontested divorce, any spouse can hire a lawyer to file the necessary paperwork with the Family Justice Court in a litigation module along with the signed documents.

If the paperwork is in order, an administrative divorce hearing, at which parties are not compelled to appear in person by the court, will be scheduled within a month, and the interim divorce decision will be granted to the parties at that time.

Compared to the alternatives, it is much simpler for everyone concerned, from the couples to the lawyers to the judges. The procedures of uncontested divorce in Singapore cost less expensive, take a shorter period, do not involve court appearances, and do not include a trial hearing.

What is The Requirement for Uncontested Divorce?


For the Singapore divorce process, there is a set of pre-conditions that you must meet, such as:

  • Three years of marriage
  • At least a three-year residency period in Singapore for one of the spouses
  • Married under civil law

Grounds for divorce in Singapore include:

1. Adultery

You have the option of an amicable divorce if you find it impossible to remain with your partner after they’ve consented to sex. If you can’t reach an agreement on how to end your marriage amicably, you should take your case to court.

If your spouse is unlikely to admit cheating, you’ll need to acquire plenty of evidence to back up your claims. You can use the services of a private investigator.

2. Unreasonable behaviour

It is unreasonable for you to expect to be able to coexist with your spouse since they have physically or mentally abused you or engaged in some other type of wrongdoing. This ground typically works for an uncontested divorce in Singapore compared to adultery.

3. Desertion

Despite your pleas, your partner has walked out on you and abandoned the marriage. To proceed with the Singapore divorce process, it should be after two years following the date of the abandonment.

4. Separation

To prove this claim, one must show that they lived apart for three or four years. Both parties voluntarily must agree to the divorce. A will be required to provide proof that they have been living apart.

When opting to live apart, some spouses choose to get a deed of separation. It is a signed document stating the terms and conditions of their decision to separate.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Uncontested Divorce?


Even if you file for an uncontested divorce in Singapore, you should still employ a divorce lawyer because your settlement may include children and financial assets a significant amount of money.

Your lawyer will be able to help you understand your rights and responsibilities, as well as assist you and your partner come to a compromise. If you have no idea about the Singapore divorce process, they will ensure that the divorce goes through without a fight since they can tell you exactly what you’re entitled to.

They can also help you understand the grounds for divorce in Singapore and deal with required documents.

How to Deal with Uncontested Divorce?


1. Avoid ending up in contested

When there is a dispute about the dissolution of a marriage, the process is more difficult and might turn sour. It can be time-consuming, and getting a fair settlement can take a long time. Because there is no requirement for a court appearance, you can finalise an uncontested divorce in Singapore much more swiftly.

A contested divorce in Singapore cost might be in the range of $35,000 or more, depending on the circumstances.

2. Know the process

Affidavit of Evidence, Draft Consent Order, and Writ for Divorce are all necessary documents uncontested that you must file to proceed with the Singapore divorce process. You can complete this stage in as little as one month.

After filing all the affidavits and making final judgements, it is possible to complete an uncontested divorce within four months. After this point, the divorce is officially over.

3. Protect your mental health

The courtroom proceedings can go for months and cost a lot of money. Allegations are traded in the courtroom, and it becomes nasty and ugly. Uncontested divorce in Singapore allows you to resolve issues amicably while ensuring the greatest possible outcome for everyone involved.

4. Address all your issues

Once you decide to divorce, you should deal with property division. Money in joint bank accounts, a marital home, vehicles, furniture, jewellery, and other personal property can all be included in a person’s marital assets.

You may also need to compromise with spouse support. Amounts of alimony or spousal maintenance are determined by factors such as how long you were married, the parties respective incomes, and other factors.

Lastly, it would be best to discuss child custody and support. As you go through the Singapore divorce process, you must work out parenting duties and a timetable for the time children will stay with each parent.

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