Top 6 Video Conferencing Equipment Pieces To Have In Singapore

 Over the past few decades, people found several ways to communicate with others. There were some who used a smartphone, desktop, laptop, through cellular data, or wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi). Since the evolution of the internet, businesses have adapted to these changes and started functioning in a remote manner and hybrid teams. Due to the introduction of different innovations, software, devices, and a prefabricated data centre to the market, communicating via various platforms and equipment through the internet is now possible. Whether you own a startup or run an enterprise, video conferencing will become a big part of how you communicate as a team, make arrangements with clients, interact with prospects, and the list goes on.

So, what video conferencing equipment pieces in Singapore should you invest in for seamless communication?


Whether you and your team members are working remotely or office-based, it is crucial to have internet. First, how will you hold a video conference without the internet? Your video conferencing will only push through with the right gears and devices. Also, do consider this, would you want your team members or clients to suffer through a laggy and static conference call? Before you get going and start the meeting, ensure to check your internet. Employees working onsite may never experience bad connectivity due to a good internet connection or company network.

However, remote workers are at the mercy of their own internet, devices and setups. If you’re one of these people, good internet is one of the video conferencing equipment pieces in Singaporeyou should consider. If you have one at home, you might want to upgrade your internet to a 5G connectivity.


Video conferencing is a combination of both audio and visual elements. One of the core video conferencing equipment in Singaporeyou should have is a monitor. If you own a desktop computer, consider getting an upgrade. A monitor, with the appropriate size, is a fundamental piece of hardware linked to the visual element.

Ensure to find a desktop monitor with a screen big enough for video conferencing and a unit with high-quality specs and refresh rate. Most of the advanced monitors in today’s time already come with speakers, a microphone, and a built-in webcam. Yup, it works like a laptop. Getting an advanced and high-tech one can help save you from the hassle of buying those pieces separately and save you time, money, and effort.


In a video conference or meeting, it is also critical that the members can hear you as clear and concise as possible. Besides a monitor, another video conferencing equipment in Singapore you need to invest in is a microphone. A microphone lets you speak with your employees, colleagues, team, and clients. When getting a microphone, check for the features it offers, such as noise cancellation capabilities. This feature can help ensure the audio is clear, concise, and crisp for others.



Generally, a speaker or headset comes in a laptop or computer. Thus, built-in speaker or audio systems. However, it is also nice to have video conferencing equipment in Singaporethat works for its purpose specifically. If you’re going to be in and out of huddle rooms, present ideas and business arrangements, and take video calls and conferences all the time, you will need these. For people working in remote setups, buying a high-quality headset with a built-in microphone would be a worthy investment.


Whether you work for a data centre in Singapore, an established corporation, a startup, or no matter how small or big your business is, video conferencing still plays a critical role in your operations. One of the video conferencing equipment pieces to invest in is an external camera. Typically, if you buy a laptop, it already comes with a built-in webcam.

On the other hand, if you own a desktop computer, getting and using an external webcam for video conferences is essential. The primary benefit of using an external webcam is its flexibility. It allows you to position freely and adjust how you want your team to see you during the video conference.

If you prefer a more professional vibe and look, consider investing in a device with a built-in webcam. This camera setup is in a fixed location already. When you look at the camera, it appears that you are looking at your audience directly, making an impression of eye contact. However, if you plan to go for built-in webcams, you might want to get a camera privacy slider to prevent the potential risks of webcam hacking.



If your company has facilities management for computer systems in Singapore, you can ask one of the specialists to install great video conferencing software on you and your staff’s devices. Having the appropriate set of hardware, both visual and audio elements, can help kickstart your business conferences.

However, what will you use to connect and communicate with your team without a platform and software? When choosing software, there are some factors you may need to consider.

The first is the number of allowed participants. In some software, there are restrictions on the number of guests or attendees. The more users the room has, the more challenging the conference pushes through. Some participants get kicked out of the room due to the limitations on the number of attendees.

Next, the means of communication allowed in the system or platform. When getting conferencing software, ensure that it lets the facilitators make phone calls, video calls and conferences and message each team member individually, all in one place. That way, you will never have to toggle all messaging applications or tabs in your browser.

Lastly, pick a system that allows the facilitators to use various devices. This feature can help participants access and get into the room through either a desktop or mobile application. It provides convenience and functionality.


Beyond the video conferencing equipment in Singaporeand software, your team members also have a crucial role in your conference to push through. Considering that the world revolves around technology and innovations today, investing in and learning how to maximise these advancements, especially for industries, is only necessary.

Communication has never been more critical for businesses and individuals. To be able to communicate efficiently and seamlessly, consider obtaining and investing in the best pieces for your setup, both hardware and software.

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