Can You Prevent Divorce From Happening? – Find Out What You Should Do

Can You Prevent Divorce From Happening? – Find Out What You Should Do

Divorce is not just an exclusive problem in western countries. Singapore is also experiencing marriage dissolution through divorce as well. We all know that divorce in Singapore can cost around thousands for a simplified uncontested divorce, and a contested can rack up to $10,00 or more.

According to the Department of Statistics in Singapore, about 4.1% of divorced units in 22,651 marriages, while 60% stay married. In Channel News Asia, there are at least 6.9 male divorcees per thousand married males around age 20 and over in 2019. The culture of divorce is widespread in our modern world.

Can You Prevent Divorce? – What You Need To Know

People experiencing their marriage relationship going through a  rough patch could sense the likelihood of ending in a divorce. In some cases, divorce may seem an impending and inevitable scenario, which will occur in the future, if not today. It almost feels like every bond and marriage is doomed to end in a terrible, costly split and finding the best divorce lawyer in Singapore.

However, many don’t realise that there is always a chance for healing and recovery. Every relationship can be saved from a terrible divorce. One could always work for something to preserve what they have using time and effort. If you feel like your marriage has hit rock bottom, feel free to seek for marriage counselling from experienced counsellors such as A Kind Place.

Strengthening & Preserving Marriage – What You Should Do

Committing and doing the work where the goal is to save the relationship is one of the many things you can do. Here are some of the things to help you strengthen your marriage relationship with your partner and prevent a divorce:

Give each other a space

Saving your relationship from divorce is more than preserving your money from paying lawyer fees for divorce. It’s all about valuing the relationship itself. It’s true that balancing marriage between the time you spend together and yourself to other responsibilities and commitment is challenging.

Too much time spent with your partner can smother you, and too much distance can estrange and alienate your partner or yourself to that person. The most vital thing to look up here is that both parties should make an effort to spend time with one another.

Communicate regularly

Living in today’s world is full of distractions. In the age where we can hardly do things without smartphones and computers, it’s easy to sway your attention from the lifestyle and digital entertainment that our contemporary is offering.

The divorce cost is more than just thousands of dollars worth in a contested or uncontested divorce. It will also cost you your wellness, time and even life. In the age where social media is king and where Netflix is among the primary entertainment, giving time to seek genuine communication with your spice is integral.

It is the ‘key’ to preserving your relationship. Remember that every long-term relationship lasts because partners communicate regularly, and that’s something you and your spouse should give time to ponder.

Learn to respect your partner

Learning to adapt to changes in your spouse—and learning how to appreciate and understand them is one of the most effective ways to respect your partner for a lasting marriage. Remember, you could save yourself from the ‘true’ divorce cost and find a way to be happy and content in what you have with your partner by respecting them.

It’s worth reminding yourself of the good qualities that your partner possesses that made you fall in love with them in the first place. So, make sure you learn how to honour and respect one another for a lasting and successful marriage!

When Divorce Is Inevitable – What You Should Do


Now that we have discussed preventing divorce by strengthening your marital relationship with your spouse—let’s talk about what one should do when divorce becomes inevitable. From finding the best divorce lawyer in Singapore to the filing of papers and settling documents, here’s what you should do when divorce becomes an imminent scenario:

Begin saving money and raising your budget

Divorce isn’t just about finding a good lawyer in Singapore and dealing with tons of legal paperwork for the process and attending the court. If your partner decides to split and move out, you will need financial support to pay the bills, especially if you have kids.

Seek a lawyer

It’s about time to seek a family lawyer or a good divorce lawyer in Singapore since you’ll need one. A good lawyer can help you make the right decisions and steps to take during these trying times, and they are more than just the defender of your interest. You can ask them about any sound legal advice or inform them about your legal responsibilities.

Inventory your household/family belongings

When divorce is about to happen, it’s time to take the opportunity to make an inventory of the marital asset. Consider conducting inventory for asset division from the family vehicle to the house, furniture, jewellery, etc.

Read up on the divorce process

Once you have found a good divorce lawyer to help you through the process, it’s crucial that you read and somewhat familiarise yourself with the legal proceedings. There are a number of online resources out there that can help you inform and prepare for the divorce process.

Reading up on the process can also be beneficial when making decisions and allow you to mentally gear up for what’s coming ahead. Don’t just rely everything on a good divorce lawyer, having first-hand understanding is crucial. It gives you a clear picture of what to expect and helps you navigate the legal proceeding ‘with more confidence.’

Final Thoughts

Divorce is painful and stressful. Knowing what you should do ahead is crucial divorce becomes imminent through your marital relationship with your partner. However, never close the door for any hope of preventing the worst case possible by strengthening your relationship together.

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