9 Tips How To Involve All Family Members In Decorating Your Christmas Tree

9 Tips How To Involve All Family Members In Decorating Your Christmas Tree

The holidays are the perfect time to create a stronger relationship with your family. And when it comes to Christmas activities that serve as a fun bonding experience, decorating Christmas trees is definitely sitting in the upper part of the list. These holiday staples are also highly customizable — you can deck them out with different decorations that your family members will love (including personalized kids ornaments or personalized baby ornaments).

Planning to make Christmas tree decoration a family affair? Here are nine tips to remember.

Have a discussion and agree with a theme. Bring up the idea of decorating your Christmas tree together and while discussing, be accommodating to and receptive of your kid’s theme ideas and suggestions. You can also talk about ordering customized holiday pieces like personalized kids ornaments to adorn your tree.

Play some holiday tunes. Once thorough planning is done and the day of decorating-your-tree-proper arrives, set the mood by playing holiday jingles and carols that are appealing to the whole family — especially to your kids. Christmas songs have that power to bring in a festive atmosphere, which is needed to make your decoration activity as enjoyable as possible.

Prioritize safety. While having fun is important, you have to ensure safety first and foremost. Avoiding having little accidents will help prevent your kids from getting a minor trauma linked to this rather joyful time. So make it a point to check and test your lights and keep them away from sharp objects and pointy edges.

Personalize. Kids are innately creative and inquisitive. If you want to entice them to help you deck out your holiday tree, add decorative items that will resonate with them. From personalized baby ornaments to adorable and meaningful Christmas decor staples like candy canes, angels, and stars.

Add DIY decorations. Speaking of creativity, you can further challenge their imagination by allowing them to create the decorations themselves. Think of it as a fun-filled brain exercise that your kids and the older members of the family will benefit from.

Involve them in gift wrapping. Putting Christmas presents under the Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of the process. And to make it more memorable for your children, why not involve them in the gift-wrapping portion as well? This will add more sentimental value to the gift — and in the process, you can also teach them why it’s important to give gifts to the people you love.

Invest in a tree of their own. Regular Christmas trees are relatively too tall for your kids. So if your budget permits, you can add a smaller tree that they can “dress up” according to their liking. Again, don’t forget to add customizable embellishments like personalized kids ornaments to make it more unique to them.

Prepare and eat goodies as a reward. While it can be a fun family activity, decorating a tree can also be physically tiresome. To end your day on a good note, reward your kids and other family members with their favorite goodies.

Make it a holiday tradition. Christmas trees are symbolic. And decorating yours together with your family is such a meaningful act. You can make this “bonding experience” a regular part of your holiday season — a tradition that’s worth looking forward to.