Comedy movies that can watch with family

Comedy movies that can watch with family

Doosukeltha is a Telugu language movie written and directed by VeeruPotla. It is an action comedy film released in the year 2013 and one of the best comedy movies out there. It is one of those comedy movies that you can watch with your family and you can watch movies free online as it is a must watch movie that came out of telugu film industry.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Machu Vishnu

Actress: LavanyaTripati

Other actors: Brahmanandam, Pankaj Tripathi, Rao Ramesh

Director: VeeruPotla

Art Director: Raghu Kulkarni

Banner: 24 Frames Factory

Producer: Mohan Babu

Music: Mani Sharma

Cinematography: SarveshMurari

Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh

Story By: VeeruPotla

Screenplay by: VeeruPotla, Gopimohan

Narrated by: Ravi Teja

Distributed by:            24 Frames Factory

Other information:

Runtime: 2h 41min

Release date: 17 October 2013

Genre: Action Comedy Movie

Budget : ₹200 million

Box Office: ₹623 million

Story line:

Chinna, an investigative journalist who aspires to get the best out of every case he partakes. He wanted to pull out some of the political scams in the government and find his way into a politicians house to get some video and audio recording proof’s of their conversations. He enters in as a worker and gets some recording but he’ll get caught and tries his best to run away from the city. While running away, he meets with an accident and gets unconscious. He wakes up in a hospital to an information that some unknown girl joined him there. He tries to get in touch with her and falls in love at first sight. She is Dr.alekhya. He tries a lot of methods to impress her and once he runs away blaming someone as following her and Dr. Alekhya along with her friends laughs at him as he was getting rid of some hard asked questions about his love. Then they meet again in a coffee shop and as he again tells the same, they get furious at him for trying to run away when asked serious questions, then he runs behind him and tries his best to catch him but he finds his bag where he finds Dr.Alekhya’s photo. He is a spy appointed to track Dr.Alekhya whereabouts and then his curiosity arises to understand what’s going on in her life that even she doesn’t have any idea about. He then decides to help her as he loves her very much and pulls out some of her background stories to unlock all the curious incidents they were being faced with.

Reasons To Watch:

  • This Movie will make you forget all the tension and make you laugh out loud.
  • This movie is one of the few hits of Vishnu, its a must watch movie.
  • To experience the whole telugu atmosphere and energy of telugu top comedians in one movie.

Artist Performance:

  • Manchu Vishnu, is a talented, charming and very spontaneous actor. He was very active in this movie.
  • Lavanya was silent yet beautiful.
  • Brahmanandam is full of power packed fun entertainment.

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