Why you should sell a fire-damaged home to a Dallas cash home buyer


Fortunately, fewer than 1% of homeowners in the United States will experience fire damage in a given year. Though this relatively low statistic may seem like a nightmare and nothing more for most people, there are hundreds of people in Dallas who live this nightmare as reality.

In what cases would it be better for a homeowner to sell their house to a cash buyer? Answers to this are never exact but can offer a good estimate of how to move forward.

Owners who have lived in their house for a while should have a fair amount of equity built up. Financing agencies can use the homeowner’s equity as collateral for a loan to cover house repairs. Depending on the amount of equity the owner has in the property, this can be a very cost-efficient method. It may increase the value a buyer is willing to pay when the house is sold.

Other Dallas homeowners may not be so lucky. Fires can start for a variety of reasons in old and new homes alike. It could be the result of faulty wires, a bad appliance, or an accident involving an open flame. A fire that may indiscriminately damage a new homeowner’s residence can be impossible to repair from a financial standpoint. Without equity, refinancing a house can make the payments too large for the owner to manage, making local cash home buyers in Dallas the best option.

Even still, circumstances vary. Some houses that receive minor damage in a room that is not a kitchen or bathroom may be relatively easy to repair. On the other hand, fires that damage the kitchen, a bathroom, or multiple rooms in the house may be too expensive for homeowners to fix. Damages from fires such as these can go far beyond the superficial, making buyers hesitant to consider purchasing.

Fires can create hidden damages to pipes, wiring, or other high-cost appliances in the home. Hidden damages will probably inflate the cost of remodeling after a fire which may result in debt too great for the homeowner to pay.

If a homeowner can repair a home using their own financial resources, this will undoubtedly be the best to get the most value when selling. In many cases, a refurbished home can increase the value of the home, making up for the cost of repairs. Buyers around Dallas will often opt to pay more for a refurbished home, especially if the repair was well documented.

As it is not always possible to make repairs on a house, selling to a cash buyer can be the best option. Cash buyers will typically buy a residence around market value. If the home has been damaged by fire, it may have to be sold for less to offset the costs to repair the damage. Depending on the financial situation of the seller, this may be the best option.

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