Boxing the Magic With the best Solutions

Organic materials are also commonly used in custom Custom CBD packaging design and manufacturing. This refers to ingredients based on plants or vegetables, a trend that grows every year in the packaging industry.

An example of the use of these types of packaging materials is polyethylene corn bags. The properties in terms of resistance and flexibility are similar to traditional plastic bags, but with the difference of being completely biodegradable. Some examples of eco-friendly custom cbd boxes materials are:

  • Recycled paper
  • Vegetal fibers

Biodegradable packaging designs are gaining increasing traction among consumers and producers. It is mainly due to the greater awareness about the reduction of plastics or glasses. Neither plastic nor glass or crystals are biodegradable packaging materials. In fact, they take millions of years to disappear in nature.

Custom and Self-Assembling Wooden Boxes

In addition, consumers appreciate and positively value that their brands decide to do without or reduce these materials and clearly bet on biodegradable packaging.

Innovative Packaging Materials

The most innovative packaging materials that you can apply in your CBD packaging design are not going to be found in the supermarket or neighborhood store.


They are usually in early production stages. They are not yet ready to be used as packaging material in massive industrial processes. Yet they set the trends for the future of packaging design. Among the most innovative packaging materials you can find:

  • Spider web
  • Algae fibers
  • Mushroom fibers
  • Plastic packaging

Plastic is the most popular type of Vape Cartridge boxes packaging in the world. However, as we mentioned in the previous section, the predictions of its trend are downward. In conclusion: the use of plastic packaging will be reduced in the coming years.

You can find plastic packaging designs in all sectors: from cosmetics to food, through consumer electronics. The popularity of this type of packaging is due to its very low production cost. However, the high environmental impact will mean that in the medium term many industries will not be able to use plastic in their packaging solutions. The reason is because of the grotesque generation of plastic waste that occurs every year. Furthermore, as a packaging material, traditional plastic is not biodegradable and expensive to recycle.

Polyethylene packaging

Polyethylene is a packaging material used to make plastic bags and other lightweight packaging solutions. It is a type of waterproof packaging, which serves as a good option for shipping. You can print on polyethylene bags, which are also widely used in clothing or accessories brands due to their low weight.