Ensuring WhatsApp Compliance: The Importance of an Archiving Solution

Using instant messaging platforms for business introduces a new world of convenience and speed. Using popular applications like WhatsApp lets your company connect to more people worldwide, making expansion easier.

Still, all messages sent to and from your WhatsApp are considered business records and must be documented. To remain compliant with the legislation imposed by bodies such as FINRA, the SEC, and HIPAA, it is highly recommended to have a third-party WhatsApp archive.

This article will discuss why having a WhatsApp archive chat solution for compliance is essential.

The Built-In Feature is not Sufficient

WhatsApp has an archiving function for users to hide certain messages temporarily. However, this feature does not provide sufficient security and, thus, is not considered enough by regulatory agencies.

If you are wondering why you can’t utilize the WhatsApp archive feature, here are its main uses:

  • Silence group chats
  • Make chats private to a certain (can be sent back to inbox anytime)
  • Organize primary inbox

Meanwhile, a third-party archiver will capture all messages sent and received by the application, all of which are stored permanently in a database.

Automatic Recording

There are many ways to keep copies of business communication, including taking individual screenshots and copy-pasting messages into separate documents. The problem with these methods is their inconvenience, and your employees’ productivity may be affected.

With WhatsApp archiving software, you no longer have to manually record the hundreds of messages your company processes daily since it does so automatically. This helpful tool saves your company time, effort, and resources.

Easier to Retrieve

One of the biggest issues faced by manual recording is tracking. With hundreds of messages to manage, digging a specific copy for a particular situation is close to impossible. Fortunately, third-party archive software allows quick searching.

All messages recorded by the archiver can easily be searched in the database using specific keywords. This makes them easier to track and receive if you need a copy for audits, e-discoveries, or business insights.

Ensure WhatsApp Compliance

Navigating compliance is challenging for all businesses. Fortunately, you can keep regulatory bodies happy by practicingresponsible communications and using dedicated archivers to record all messaging data. 

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