Finding a Spanish Restaurant in Singapore and 8 Other Cuisines You’d Love

Food is one of life’s greatest needs and it can help us get the most out of our day and our spirits. Because food is one of our necessities, we built many cultures around it. There is a drive to discover the tastiest, healthiest, and cheapest foods we can give to everyone. Depending on the region, food cultures can differ significantly from someone from somewhere else. Some people will even go on food trips to savour food and history. We even build religious restrictions around food. That’s why we even have halal food in Singapore.

But did you know that food trips, also known as the pilgrimages tourists make to other countries to savour their food and its surrounding history, are quite popular as well? Sure, cooking food and having local food is delightful, but having a taste of something you don’t normally eat at home is a delight. And sometimes, it becomes a favourite food of all.

We could cook whatever we want but we choose to buy our food. It is not so hard to figure out why.

Eating out is an occasion that we love. Many people look forward to them and want a great experience of having a hearty meal at a fancy or even a casual restaurant. Everyone strives to find good food.

Why do we love to eat out so much?

Eating out is a social activity (or at least an enjoyable one. If you have ever joined or hosted an evening out, you most likely have done it over food. And food eaten out is a treat not everyone will experience every day unless they have personal chefs. We also want to eat food we want to eat from a myriad of cultures, from local to fusion to foreign western or Asian restaurants.

 We search for the best Italian restaurants in Singapore when we are craving pizza and pasta. We want to check out Chinese restaurants for hot pot. Local restaurants are for when we want to experience a different interpretation of the dishes we love at home.

By now, you probably can see the main reason why we eat at these restaurants in the first place. We love eating food we never tried before or love to eat foods we cannot replicate at home. Most of the time, it is because they are from cuisines that we are unfamiliar with or we are not able to discern ourselves.

What are some cuisines that Singaporeans love?


If you are a food connoisseur, then perhaps you should look into some foods from regions or countries that Singaporeans love to try. They are tried and tested and will help you gain a little insight as to why people love these foods and the countries they come from.

1) Spanish

The west has a surprisingly diverse food culture, especially in Europe where many countries reign. The Spanish have an exciting culinary palette, from mixed rice to seafood and all kinds of meat. Paella is the go-to of many. However, you can still check out a Spanish restaurant in Singapore and ask them for recommendations to know more about what you can eat!

2) Italian

Italian food is highly rated by people around the world for its simplicity and its bursts of flavour. You can identify most Italian foods by their attention to detail and their relationship to tomatoes and cheese. Bread is also one of their favourite foods and you will see it prominently in their cuisine.

3) Korean

Korean food might be a relatively new addition to the list, but Korean cuisine has been around in Singapore for a while. You can never get enough of exploring this wonderfully diverse cuisine, from hearty noodle soups to rice dishes. The best part about their food is the meat– if you have not been to the best Korean BBQ in Singapore, you have not truly lived your life.

4) Indian

Due to a long and rich history, Indian food in Singapore is special. You can find many Singaporean street foods inspired or given by their culinary roots. Who can say no to great chicken rice or butter chicken? Their heavy and bold flavours excite the tongue of many who get a single taste.

5) Japanese

Japanese food has been around for longer than many other cuisines in Singapore, and for a good reason. Their food is nothing short of contradictory. Sometimes packed with bold flavour and other times simple enough to linger on the tongue, Japanese food is one of the “once in a lifetime” treats people should try. Their best has to be ramen in Singapore.

6) American

Moving further west, people know American foods worldwide. By “American”, we mean foods from the United States and not the American continent, which we should discuss in a separate segment. Foods from wings to burgers to jambalaya and clam chowder are all a mishmash of popular foods from different countries, but distinctly American all the same. They’re a popular and safe neutral option if you are looking to make everyone in your group happy!

7) Mexican

Down south, Mexico has great foods known worldwide as well. Their nachos, fajitas, soft-shell tacos, and other foods feature bold spices and flavours that many people adore, especially in Singapore. You can try a Mexican place if your group values a family or cheerful atmosphere that does not feel too pretentious.

8) French

French cuisine is renowned worldwide for its distinct tastes that appeal to many. When you go to a French restaurant, you might feel a distinct ambience not felt in a Spanish restaurant in Singapore or any other.

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