How Companies Are Leveraging In-app Announcements For User Engagement 

Businesses keep updating their product or service frequently to attract more and more customers. These updates are necessary to announce as they keep customers existed, and satisfied. Companies that introduce updates based on insights and feedback make customers feel valued. These updates show that the companies are following customers’ feedback and deliver the best service.

However, the challenge is to deliver an update to the target audience. Traditional styles like SMS marketing, sending a promotional email, or a video tutorial might not work. They have a high bounce rate and low CTR (Click Through Rate). Marketers need to reach users by deploying smart ways of announcing updates and In-App announcements are the latest in trend.   

Benefits of Using In-App Announcements

Today customers love personalized results on their mobile. Marketers use product announcement software helping them to immediately push notifications to the users when any new services are introduced. 

Benefits would include direct communication with users, improvement in product engagement, and an increase in the product’s LTV (Life Time Value). It also reduces complexities and confusion in the communication process. 

Any marketer analyses five factors before launching an update. They’re 

  • A comprehensive study on the target group of Audience
  • How to engage them on their content/service
  • Probability of user converting into customers
  • What else they can offer in their customized search
  • Draft Communication strategies 

Organizations use smart in-app announcement strategies to connect with their customers by keeping the end-user into consideration. Developing visually attractive and convincing messages and implementing Call to Actions (CTA) buttons, they reach to the user’s intent and keep A/B testing a regular practice. 

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