How to Arrange Fruits in a Fruit Basket?

How to Arrange Fruits in a Fruit Basket?

The parcel is a gift or gift packaged as attractive as possible to give to family members, colleagues, or friends for specific celebrations. The parcel that is commonly used by the community today is the fruit parcel. They usually use this gift as souvenirs at application events, visiting hospital patients, visiting other people’s homes, and so on. These parcels are indeed very easy to find in fruit shops, both in traditional markets and supermarkets. However, of course, the price of a finished fruit parcel will be costly compared to assembling it yourself. Also, the fruit is guaranteed to be fresh.

The parcel is also usually given to family, relatives, or beloved friends to celebrate certain moments. One of the right moments to send packages is just before Lebaran, Christmas, Chinese New Year or to help your friend in a hospital. However, before that moment, parcels are usually sold at high prices because of the large number of enthusiasts. Do you want to send a Christmas parcel but don’t have more budget? No need to worry, you can make a parcel filled with fruit yourself and give your hospitalized friend a get well soon hamper.

If you are interested in making fruit parcels on a small budget, follow the fruit parcels steps below:

Materials to make fruit parcels

Before starting to assemble a fruit parcel, you must prepare the materials and tools needed. Call it a variety of fresh fruits, fruit baskets with shapes and sizes that match the number of fruits, plastic wrap, large and small clear duct tape, scissors, double-sided tape, ribbons, artificial flower accessories, and greeting cards.

Tips for minimizing the funds for making parcels are finding and using fruits at affordable prices. Also, use a medium-sized basket. That way, you won’t need a lot of fruit. Why? Because the bigger the basket, the more fruit there will be to fill the basket.

When all the ingredients have been collected, then start assembling a beautiful parcel.


Choose fresh fruit that does not rot quickly

The first step you need to do when making a parcel is to choose fruit for the filling. Choose fruit that is fresh, has a sweet taste, and is of high quality. You also need to consider the fruit’s expiration period, so it’s best to choose fruit that doesn’t spoil quickly so that it can stay fresh even though it’s been through the delivery period.

Fruits commonly used for a parcel with a minimal budget are local fruits such as apples, star fruit, oranges, grapes, longan, pears, dragon fruit, and bananas. Just use three to four types of fruit. Try the selected fruit in a contrasting color. The colors of this fruit will enhance the appearance of the parcel later.

Fruits that are exceptionally durable when stored at room temperature include apples, watermelon, dragon fruit, and guava. Meanwhile, fruits such as grapes and berries should be stored in cold temperatures.

Provide a basket or parcel container

The next way to make fruit parcels is to find a suitable container to accommodate the fruits. Provide a basket or parcel container that matches the theme of the celebration. For a simple celebration with a family impression, you can choose a box made of ethnic rattan. However, if you want a more luxurious look, you can use a container made of gold or silver-colored iron. Such a container can give the parcel a more elegant and expensive appearance.

You should also adjust the container’s size with the amount of fruit filling you will provide in the parcel. Ensure that the container can hold all the fresh fruit you have chosen so that it looks tidier when wrapped.

Clean the fruit before arranging

Before arranging the fruit in the container you have chosen, you should first wash all the fruit you will send. When cleaning the fruit, you should do it under running water. To make it cleaner, rub the fruit by hand. Make sure there is no dirt on the surface of the fruit.

Arrange the fruit according to shape and size so that they are neat

After the fruit has been washed, it is time for you to arrange the fruit in the container that you have provided. The way to make the right fruit parcel is to consider the size of the fruit. It should be placed at the bottom for large fruit such as melon, watermelon, or dragon fruit.

Then on top of it can be arranged using medium-sized fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, or avocado. Meanwhile, fruits that are too small such as blueberries or cherries should be avoided as parcels. The reason is, it is feared that the fruit will not be seen or even crushed by other fruit so that it has the potential to rot when sent.

Please pay attention to the distribution of fruit colors to make it more attractive.

For the parcel you make to look more attractive, you should also pay attention to the distribution of fruit colors when arranging them. Dark fruit should be combined with bright fruit. Avoid piling up all the dark fruit on one side as this can make the parcel seem less festive.

Wrap the fruit tightly so that it is not easily damaged

If all the fruit are neatly arranged in the container, the next step is to package them using plastic wrap or plastic wrap. You can choose patterned or plain plastic, try to match it with the celebration theme. However, the most important thing is that you have to make sure the plastic packaging for the fruit parcel is tightly attached so that it is not easily damaged during the shipping process.

To keep the fruit from moving or falling off later when it’s wrapped, glue the fruit to the basket using small, transparent duct tape. For a perfect fruit arrangement, insert an apple foam net into the fruit arrangement’s cavities.

Give decorations so that the fruit parcel looks prettier.

Before you send the fruit parcel to the recipient, the last step is to provide an attractive decoration or accessory. For Christmas parcels, you can add decorations in the form of snowflakes, Santa Claus, or other red and green decorations to make them look more beautiful. Also, pin a Christmas greeting card so that the parcel you give is more memorable for the recipient.

Easy right? Therefore, don’t hesitate to assemble your fruit parcel. That way, you no longer need to buy whenever you need a fruit parcel. Who knows, in the future, your expertise could be a business area too.

Benefits of Making Fruit Hampers

There are so many benefits you get from fruit baskets with a small budget. For example, save more on expenses. Making your fruit parcel will save more money because you can choose the fruit yourself.

Not only that but arranging your fruit parcel can add to your creativity level in your imagination. Why? Because placing fruit into parcels also requires creative design ideas from the maker.