How you can deal with refrigerant leaks?

Now and then, we go through the refrigerant leak problem. That doesn’t mean air conditioners have to leak refrigerants as most of the time they are not. It is just that problems can occur because of different problems. The refrigerant leakage is responsible for increasing the electricity bills too. In this post, we talk about the reasons behind refrigerant leaks and how you can notice them.

If you think the leakage is magical, well it’s not. Like any other high-pressure pipes, the compressor can also get ruptured resulting in refrigerant leakage. In such a scenario, your air conditioner will work very hard and thus, need to be fixed properly. Here are tips to pinpoint whether your AC is causing leakage or not.

  • Warm air

You can easily feel the difference when you open the air conditioner. Run it for about half an hour, you will find that your AC is pumping warm air, which might irritate you. Moreover, you can also opt for a replacement service.

  • Bubbling and hissing sound

The refrigerant is present as high-pressure gas and liquid in an air conditioner. It can create noises when leakage starts. Hissing sound coming out signifies that gas is escaping out.

  • Ineffectiveness

The air conditioner shows inefficiency if it is running in the low refrigerant. It will automatically start consuming high energy and upsurge the electricity bill. Even if you have a prepaid lights system installed, any leakage in the air conditioner will lead to inefficiency, and as a result, your monthly bill will start increasing. On finding any problem with your monthly bill, do check the refrigerant leakage.

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