Perth Reticulation: How Retic Controllers Can Help You Save Water

Water is a finite and valuable resource. Most of us take it for granted, despite the fact that we use water daily for essential functions such as hydration, sanitation, and irrigation. Unfortunately, just 1% of the surface water is really consumable. And that critical challenges such as climatic changes and rising population will considerably endanger its availability, especially by generating a greater demand for fresh, safe water than can be met. As a result, it is more important than ever that we all limit our water consumption to reduce water waste with the aid of Perth reticulation.

How Retic Controllers Can Conserve Water?

Perth reticulation may be a very efficient method for conserving water, but only if it is current, completely functioning, and used properly. Learn how to save our most valuable resource by installing a home reticulation system.

Move Away From The Concrete

Watering concrete is banned under WA water limits, a relatively unknown truth. You may not be doing it intentionally. Check your sprinklers to ensure that the majority of water falls on soil or grass that needs watering. If considerable quantities of water are gathering on your backyard patio, front porch, or garden pathway, you may have to modify the range.

Remove All Impediments

It is essential to ensure that the sprinkler head is not obscured. If your sprinklers were placed a long time ago, it’s possible that shrubs and other vegetation have developed over the watering station. To avoid clogging the sprinkler and waste water as a result, ensure that all sprinkler heads are clear.

Check The Runtime Of The Sprinklers

According to the Water Corporation, the majority of irrigation systems may be lowered by two minutes each station without affecting the health of the garden. You must determine the kind of sprinklers you have and make adjustments appropriately.

Install Rain Sensors And Rain Switches

If your reticulation system is timed, installing a weather sensor is one of the greatest methods to save water. If the reticulation system detects precipitation, the sprinklers will not activate.

Repair Errors Promptly

The failure of reticulation components may be one of the leading causes of water loss. A sprinkler that does not correctly shut off may increase your water bill and lead to the waste of hundreds of litres of water. By periodically inspecting, fixing, and performing preventive maintenance on your reticulation system, you may save a substantial amount of water.

How Can The Garden’s Water Use Be Limited?

There are several strategies to lower your water use and benefit the environment, ranging from taking a shorter shower in the morning to merely filling your kettle with the amount of water required to prepare a cup of coffee to installing sensor taps in your home. Indeed, one of the most efficient water-saving methods, and one that many of us overlook, is to limit the amount of water you use to irrigate your garden.

Using less water to water your grass saves not just the planet, but also money and time. According to experts, a healthier environment may result from less frequent but more thorough watering of the grass and flowers.

In addition, there are various strategies to decrease the quantity of water used to irrigate your lawn, such as using a smart Retic controller instead of a hose, putting a thick layer of mulch to minimise evaporation from the soil’s surface, and mowing less often and less closely during dry months. Indeed, one of the most effective strategies to limit the quantity of water you use in your garden is to water only when absolutely required.

How Do Smart Retic Controllers Work?

Perth reticulation controllers may be linked to a rain sensor or WiFi. When rain sensors detect rain, your reticulation controller pauses or stops watering your landscape. This technology eliminates over-watering your garden and decreases your water bill.

A retic controller monitors the local weather forecast and adjusts watering depending on forecasted rainfall. When you connect your retic controller to the internet with the app, it links to the local weather report and adjusts the flow of water for that specific day.

Moreover, a retic controller has various benefits. Perth reticulation controller saves time and effort compared to manually watering your garden. It also stops you from wasting water because you won’t be able to overwater your garden, saving you money on your water bill.


Installing a reticulation controller is fast and simple, and it provides crucial protection for your garden as well as peace of mind, allowing you to guarantee that your property is well-maintained while also helping to preserve the environment.

Perth reticulation controllers may be installed by skilled electricians and are suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. Certainly, if you are thinking of installing a reticulation controller or are unclear if it is essential for your specific situation, please contact an expert and discuss your requirements.