Top Tricks to Play Tic Tac Toe

To play tic tac toe, all you have to do is draw a grid of 3×3 squares on a white sheet. And depending on the variants of the game, it is possible to add more squares. The aim of the game is to line up 3 identical symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally before your opponent. This seemingly simple game can turn out to be much more complex. That is why we are giving you the ultimate tips on how to beat your strongest opponents at tic tac toe.

Fight to Be the First to Play

The first player is always more likely to win than their opponent. Therefore, the best strategy is to increase your chances of being the first player as much as possible. Of course, your opponent might not let you play first all the time because they also want to win. So, the name of the lucky first player can be chosen by drawing lots at the beginning of each game. You can also opt for rock paper scissors. There are tricks that help you win very often at this game. Know that you can play tic tac toe on a board but also online, more specifically on

Choose a Strategic Square

You know the rule at tic tac toe, the first player to align 3 identical symbols wins the game. And if we just advised you to fight to be the first to play, it is because the one who makes the very first move is always advantaged to win. And putting your first O or X right in the middle of the grid when you begin a game even increases your odds to win. But because this technique is too predictable and boring, you can bet on another one to surprise your opponent and spice up the game. So just to maintain a good dynamic of play, you can act like you forgot to go in the middle, when in fact it was a prank. But then, it is to be hoped that your opponent does not grab the center box on their first move.

Always Think about Tackling

At tic tac toe, there is no point in making heads or tails. The games are too short to bother yourself playing on defense. What you need to do is make sure your lineup instantly to win the game. And unlike chess, tic tac toe does not require you think too much about your move afterwards.