Many times, we as humans experience a great deal of discomfort in various places of our bodies, which might deteriorate if not handled. We can occasionally cope with the discomfort by stretching, but this might deteriorate to the point when stretching will no longer help us feel better because the pain has become chronic. At this point, we need to find a medical solution. I could recommend several places, but I’d like to recommend the best for this situation. If you are experiencing back pain, neck discomfort, or hip pain, you may require an immediate medical assessment to determine what is wrong and what treatment is required. Our sports medicine experts at Advanced Orthopedics and sports medicine are ready to help you follow a correct diagnosis.

We provide a variety of services, including hip replacement surgery. This can only be done if we can conclusively prove that your hip is permanently injured through imaging. After this has been confirmed, we assign the best sports medicine doctor to care for such patients through our board. The doctor must be the best in the field. This is so that the patient can get the greatest hand possible, and we make sure that the patient is with us every step of the journey. This results in a complete understanding and trust between the doctor and the patient When the hip is messed up all this and more we do in advanced orthopedics and sports medicine.

When a hip is injured, the best option is to replace it with an artificial one. This is accomplished through surgery, which is well-managed by our sports medicine specialists. In such cases, our doctors perform hip replacement surgery, during which the patient’s hip is replaced with an artificial implant. At Advanced Orthopedics and sports medicine, we have a high success rate, with over 95% of patients recovering without any negative side effects. When the artificial implant begins to wear out, we perform hip revision surgery on the patient to replace it with a new one.

Sports stars, on the other hand, are adequately safeguarded while on the field, pitch, or court, depending on the sport. Footballers, for example, use shinguards to protect their legs, while American footballers, hockey players, and cricket players all wear helmets. All of this does not prevent players from becoming hurt, however, because sports are physically demanding. We aim to assist people who have been injured in sports or elsewhere, whether it’s a shoulder, knee, or hip injury. In advanced orthopedics and sports medicine, we have a great track record in treating such injuries.