10 Things to Do Before Your Hire a Nanny in Singapore | Super Nanny Services

For many families, one of the most pressing concerns is who will take care of their children while both parents are at work. When it comes to finding the right nanny for their children, some couples are fortunate enough to entrust their children with their parents or other close relatives.

To avoid a dreadful nanny experience for you and your child. Here are the following pointers for finding and hiring a stay in nanny in Singapore who you can trust and who will do a good job.

Get recommendations from people you know.

You will feel more confident leaving your child in the hands of a family member or a friend who has referred them. Is there anyone you can trust with your most prized possessions who doesn’t come from your immediate family? When looking for a nanny to care for your children, you should begin by contacting family and friends who may know of someone good at the job. For safety reasons, advertising in the local newspaper or the classifieds is not recommended.

A traditional nanny placement agency or an online nanny service may be an option if your local search does not yield any results. So, do your best to spread the word within your network. When looking for confinement nanny services in Singapore, you may want to look into the nanny’s past and see if they’ve ever worked before.

Identify your needs.

You need to know what you’re looking for in a nanny before starting your search. It’s common for parents to overlook this step, which leads to confusion and problems later on. It’s crucial to write out all of the requirements for your new nanny’s position before you start hiring. Include everything from the work schedule to a detailed job description and the experience and qualifications you’re looking for. Specify whether you want to pay your nanny hourly or a fixed salary.

Hire a nanny from a reputable confinement nanny agency in Singapore.

When personal recommendations don’t work out, you can turn to one of the many reputable nanny placement agencies for help in finding a suitable candidate. Before submitting the names of the candidates to potential clients, these agencies have already completed the necessary background checks and medical clearances. As a result, you’ll have more nanny names to choose from if you hire confinement services in Singapore through a reputable agency.

Build a strong relationship through good communication.

When nannies become an integral part of the family, they are the best. Your nanny’s trust in you will grow if you openly and frequently communicate with her. Spending 5-10 minutes with your nanny at the end of each day to talk about the day’s events can help you achieve this goal. Make an effort to spend some time with her and interview her rather than rushing through it hastily. Begin a conversation with her casually. Inquire about her upbringing and previous employment. Talking to her will give you a sense of her personality.

Interview as if you were a seasoned professional.

Short phone interviews are the best way to get a first impression of your stay in nanny candidates in Singapore, so narrow your list when you’re ready to interview them in person. There are a variety of places where you can conduct phone interviews, including your home or a public place such as a library or cafe.

Do your research before you hire a nanny in Singapore.

Even if your nanny was recommended to you by a family member, a friend, or an agency, you should still conduct your research. If you can, go to the nanny’s home and meet her face-to-face, or ask for references and speak to them. Get in touch with her former bosses and ask them how she’s doing at work and as a person.

The agreement should be in writing.

Formalise and legalise everything before you hire a nanny in Singapore. Make a written agreement outlining all of the specifics of her employment. Include her monthly salary, her start date, the length of her contract/employment, her duties and responsibilities, do’s and don’ts, and the grounds for her dismissal or resignation. You have the option of including any additional conditions you see fit.

Follow up arrangements for your nanny’s first shift.

Once you’ve decided on confinement nanny services in Singapore, it’s a good idea to put together an information sheet and daily schedule for her arrival. The Information Sheet should include contact information for your family, friends, and neighbours, as well as your doctor and dentist. Your child’s nap times, preferred meal times, playdates or classes, and any other information that will help outline daily activities should be included in your daily schedule.


Take a look at how well your nanny is doing her job.

Your nanny’s performance should be evaluated 3-6 months after you hire him or her, just like any other employee. This gives you and your stay in nanny in Singapore a chance to talk about the job and what works and what doesn’t for you both in it. It’s an opportunity for you and your nanny to talk openly about the job, correct anything that isn’t working properly, and express gratitude for the job well done.

Discuss her responsibilities and expectations for the household.

Make sure that your nanny is aware of everything she needs to do. Is she required to do any housework, or is she solely responsible for caring for your child? Ask her what she expects from you, and make sure she knows what you expect from her.

As a parent, you must treat your nanny as if she were a member of your family for her to treat your child with the same respect and care that you expect from her. Be sure to follow these tips to reap the benefits of confinement nanny services in Singapore.

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