3 Precision Cooling Units You Need for Your Data Centre

Data centres are one of the most important locations businesses need to protect. Acting like a nervous system for your company, a data centre helps relay information and keeps communication and data storage alive within your departments. Therefore, learn how to protect your delicate systems using precision cooling.

Precision cooling refers to the air conditioning units specifically designed for IT equipment. Because of their delicate components, IT equipment needs precise levels of humidity and cooling, hence the name “precision cooling.” Depending on your equipment and the size of your data centre, there are many ways one can attempt precision cooling.

Here are some equipment pieces you may need in your data centre.

1. Fan Wall Unit

A fan wall unit is a low energy cooling solution involving a fan mounted on a wall. Wall-mounted fans are popular additions in data centres because they are affordable and do the job well. You normally need more than one of these units in your data centre for them to have any significant impact.

2. Close Control Unit

With a close control unit, you can successfully meet the needs of your data centre. Manufacturers have designed a close control unit to handle high heat loads and rooms with sensitive equipment. In other words, it is perfect for data facilities. You can prevent your devices from overheating with this unit.


Last on the list is the CRAH, or the computer room air handler. It is a device that deals with heat produced by equipment in data centres. They handle air flow and ensure that devices do not overheat and stay cool. You will need this crucial device in your data centre if you want any hope of controlling the heat and humidity of your rooms.

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