5 Exciting Improvements Planned For New Games

5 Exciting Improvements Planned For New Games

Of all the sectors of business and entertainment that have flourished over time, few can compare to the soaring success of the gaming industry – whether we’re talking the games available at ZAR Casino, PlayStation, for PC, or any other platform.

Riding on the cutting edge of entertainment as well as online technology, games, and the devices on which they are played, are only getting better with each passing day. Gamers can expect to see some interesting new advancements in the games to come, many of which will very likely blow our minds.

  1. Facial Recognition & Imaging

New types of smart cameras and sensors, such as the Intel® RealSense TM, provide greater levels of accuracy for facial recognition software than ever before. This has inspired game developers to begin creating games that can react to your facial expression, and perhaps eventually, even accurately detect your mood.

Another use of the accuracy that comes with smart cameras and sensors is the ability to create custom game characters that very closely resemble the player.

  1. Speech Capabilities

With voice recognition technology getting better and better, game developers are planning to add aspects of speech control to games. This could have a variety of uses, from fun new ways to play games, to a general greater ease of use.

  1. Motion Sensing

Another great use of smart sensors is to accurately map and sense actual motion. Since the first Wii console proved that physical motion in games could be big thing, the technology has advanced to a point where detailed points of the body, such as the hand and its digits, can be very accurately tracked. This will likely do wonders for games, particularly when it comes to VR and interaction with a virtual environment.

  1. Improved VR & AR

While the progress of virtual reality can be clearly seen in the games and headsets that have become available and shown steady improvement, not much can be said for the closely related technology of augmented reality. Soon though, with headsets and devices like smart glasses becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable, both VR and AR will be gaining a much bigger focus in games. 

  1. Photo-realistic Imagery & Clarity

New consoles and gaming setups are increasingly becoming more capable of comfortably operating at the high graphics and resolution settings that new games demand. Developers are constantly pushing the envelope, providing stunning visuals and imagery with ever greater realism and clarity. 5K resolution in gaming will soon become a standard, and one day eventually 8K and beyond. Improvements in 3d modelling, lighting, and textures are also quickly leading to ever greater and more impressive levels of photo realism in games. 

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

With the technology behind gaming progressing so rapidly, these are just a few of many new advancements currently in development or just around the corner. 

Others, like cloud gaming, are related to the ever-increasing popularity and focus on the online platform. Much of the above is also predicted to soon converge in incredible online VR metaverses. What an incredible time for gamers.