5 Ways To Help Women With Diastasis Recti In Singapore

When people talk about pregnancy, they think of a baby, giving birth, or even caesarean. But aside from these three, women experience various things in their bodies that people do not know. They must undergo many tests, take vitamins, and attend doctor visitations to ensure they are healthy. Everything they do affects the baby, so remembering and following advice are necessary. If you know someone in the same situation and is experiencing health problems, like the divarication of recti, you must be aware of many things.


Diastasis recti cases in Singapore happen during pregnancy. However, some women still experience it after, and it is when it becomes a risk to their health. This condition needs to be treated because it can cause more issues, like weakening the pelvic floor and pain in the back. Some women also feel pain in their pelvis, giving the body difficulties balancing and moving. Even if this condition is not life-threatening, it can affect other body parts. So if someone in your family experiences this, ensure that you take care of them by doing the following:


Diastasis recti exercises are available for women who have the condition. It helps them focus on some targeted parts of the body, creating improvements in their belly. Some women might need a partner to help them do the movements, so be ready. You can do the exercises with them by doing the same thing or being a simple companion who is a call away if they need anything.


If the doctor says they must undergo a diet, they must follow them. It will help in their recovery, especially if the condition is severe. But even if there is no specific food plan, watching out for what they eat is necessary. The foods must have the nutrients they need, especially if they are breastfeeding. To help them with their meals, here are the foods they must eat:

  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole Grains
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Dairy Products

These foods have different nutrients that could help in the improvement of their body and help the baby in their development. Ensure not to miss anything, especially if they are experiencing risks after giving birth.


Drinking juice, coffee, milk, soda, and other flavoured drinks are okay but in moderation. Water is still the most important one because it balances the body. It avoids dehydration and ensures that mothers follow the fluid requirements. Women who undergo menopausal treatment must remember this tip. But even if a person is not pregnant or has any health condition, ensure that water is part of your day.



People have the power not to show what they feel to others. Even if they are already in pain, they do not let people see it because they do not want them to worry. Asking them what they feel is a way to start a conversation and let them open up. If you do not know what to ask, here are some sample questions:

  • Do you feel pain in your body? Communicate with me if you feel anything so I can help you.
  • Did you have a good sleep last night? If not, take some more rest.
  • Do you want to rest before taking care of your baby? I am here.
  • How can I help you today? Just tell me anything so I can do them.
  • Do you want me to cook anything for you or your baby? I will do it quickly so you can eat already.
  • Is there something bothering you right now? You can tell me to lessen your worries.
  • Do you need to visit your doctor? I can be your companion.
  • Do you need to do the laundry? I can do it for you, so you do not need to do any heavy movements.
  • Do you want to shower? Do not worry about your child.
  • Are you thinking of going to the grocery store? Just relax, and I will do it for you.

Asking these questions can make them feel loved and important. These might be simple for some, but they create an impact. Sometimes, a person needs someone to ask them about their day and how they can help.


Even if mothers do not need help, being with them can make them feel safe. They know someone is there to assist them and give them the care they need. Having divarication of recti is not easy, so be the person who is always ready for anything that will happen. Knowing their situation gives you an idea of how to move and speak around them, considering that some new mothers are sensitive.

Women need all the assistance they can get before, during, and after pregnancy. Their bodies react differently to conditions, so you must be there to give your support. Let them know that you are with them, even if they do not show signs that they are having difficulties with their situation. These five tips are also helpful for people who underwent pelvic organ prolapse treatment.


Now that you know how to assist women, you also need to learn the diastasis recti exercises they do. Even if you do not have the condition, you can join them in doing the movements. It can motivate them, especially if they do not know what to do. If doing the exercise is not what you want, assist them by telling them the next move or be the timer. Before doing exercises, you must know them first, and here are some examples:


  • Transverse Abdominal Muscle
  • Supine Ball Squeezes
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Toe Dips
  • Closing The Gap
  • Banded Hip Abductions
  • Pelvic Brace

Pregnancy is not all about the baby, motherhood, and post partum belly. New mothers need to know many things before having a child to help them prepare for their future. Ensure they are healthy because it could affect how they attend to their child. You can be with them, whether they need you or not. Taking care of mothers is easy with the help of Orchard Clinic, so visit their website if you want to learn more.