7 Tips On How To Package Your Baked Goods For Giveaway

Everybody loves giveaways — especially if they’re edible ones like delectable, bite-sized desserts. And if you’re planning on doling out baked goods — whether it’s for your wedding or simply for charity — you have to be meticulous about the packaging. Putting sweet treats on a packaging solution like a personalized cake pan won’t only preserve its freshness, but it also adds more value to your giveaway.

In this article, we’re giving a roundup of seven essential tips on how to packaged baked goods for giveaways.

Keep your packaging aligned with your theme. There are several options for packaging baked goods — from the ever-reliable plastic bag to the more creative personalized cookie jar. To help you decide which one to use, go back to the drawing board and check out your theme. Are you giving cookies for your annual holiday charitable effort? Are you celebrating your bake shop’s anniversary? Depending on your reason, you have to select a packaging aligned with it.

Try clear packaging. If you’re giving baked goodies per piece, you can save money when you opt for clear packaging solutions like plastic wrap or a plastic bag. Complete the packaging with a ribbon and a paper tag. This is also ideal if you want to readily display your sweet, edible masterpieces.

Mix up your goodies. To cater to more palate and your budget allows, why not opt to give away assorted goodies. To house candies, cookies, and other types of bite-sized desserts, a durable box or jar is the typical option. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also order a personalized cookie jar from a credible supplier.

Repurpose old containers. If you’re giving away baked goods and are cutting down some expenses, you can make your project more economical by reusing old containers. This is especially helpful if you’re the type of person who’s into collecting cookie containers, coffee tins, and potato chip cans. Tie it with a ribbon to make it more special.

Know how to store cookies properly. Did you know that to keep crisp cookies crisp, you have to use a jar with a loose-fitting cover? On the other hand, you need to use a container with an air-tight lid if you aim to store soft cookies. It’s important to know these storage guidelines to help preserve the taste and texture of your baked goods.

Don’t forget to add ribbons and labels. Giveaways wouldn’t be complete without bows or ribbons. Adding these details will also make your recipient more excited to open your little gift. To incorporate a short-and-sweet message or your brand (if you’re a business), you should also add paper tags. You should also use these tags to state essential details (e.g. Ingredients that may trigger allergies, expiration date).

Incorporate a personal touch. To make your giveaways more memorable, you can also add personal touches. You can invest in a personalized cake pan and cookie jar, which allows you to incorporate cool statements and even the name of your recipients.