8 Tips On How To Convince A Loved One To Go To Drug Rehab

According to the latest estimates, around 21 million Americans have at least one addiction. However, out of this figure, only 2.1 million or 10% have received treatment. If you have a loved one who struggles to break away from his or her drug dependency, getting them into a California drug rehab or Texas drug rehab facility can be pivotal in helping them start anew.

In this article, we’re giving you eight essential tips on how to convince your loved one to go to drug rehab.

Educate yourself. From identifying the signs of drug abuse to knowing how to choose a credible California or Texas drug rehab center, you have to do your research. Educating yourself is the first step you need to undertake before you can lead a loved one away from the dangerous nature of drug addiction.

Understand their situation. Once you get yourself educated, it will be easier for you to understand — or at least, have enough idea of — what your loved one is going through. Take note that drug dependency is a mental illness. And for it to be treated, expert medical intervention is needed.

Don’t wait for things to get worse. As soon as you notice drug abuse symptoms, take the time to talk to your loved one, and convince them to get treatment. Once they hit the proverbial “rock bottom,” it will be harder for them to bounce back and get rid of their addiction.

Use “I” statements. People who work in California drug rehab facilities know how powerful “I” statements can be. This can help you communicate your thoughts more compassionately. For instance, instead of stating “Your drug addiction can ruin your life,” say something along these lines: “I am concerned that you might get in trouble because of your situation.”

Express your empathy. When you communicate, make it a point to use a concerned yet firm tone. Apart from utilizing “I” statements, you can also forge a better connection with your loved one if you ask open-ended questions and avoid criticism.

Prepare an intervention plan. Most drug addicts won’t admit that they need to get treated. And this is why it’s essential to plan an intervention. By holding a professional intervention, you can help your loved one open up about his or her addiction — and have them understand the consequences of not getting treatment. Make sure to enlist help from a reputable interventionist.

Choose the right rehab facility. When choosing a California or a Texas drug rehab, you have to identify first what your goals are for your loved one. Again, you also need to educate yourself about the different rehab options. Furthermore, you have to check if the rehab facility has a proven track record — and if they have a suitable set of amenities and accommodating staff and therapists.

Protect yourself in the process. When convincing a loved one to go drug rehab, you must establish healthy boundaries. Be compassionate but be fair and firm. Creating a specific set of such boundaries can help you protect yourself and give yourself time to re-energize and rethink your strategies.