All You Need To Know About Live Edge Dining Tables

Since people began constructing furniture, live edge dining tables have existed. They were a low-cost and quick solution to create usable, strong furniture that would last a lifetime. During the construction of their homesteads, settlers converted the raw wood slabs into tables, seats, and beds.

The style is not confined to the house; it may also be seen in workplaces, restaurants, and other public places. Even though this kind of furniture is becoming more widespread in contemporary areas, not everyone is acquainted with it. Therefore, before you run out and purchase a better live edge table, here’s what you should know.

What Exactly Are Live Edge Tables?

The natural edge that remains on at least one side of a piece of wood is referred to as a “live edge.” Instead of the crisp, clear lines seen in more typical wooden furniture, live edge furniture preserves the tree’s inherent beauty. Other natural wood traits, such as cracks and knots, are frequently left alone to become appealing parts of the timber dining table.

In the shape of useful, contemporary furniture, live edge designs allow you to bring the outside inside your house.

Live edge tables are created by furniture makers who have spent years perfecting their art. To produce a high-quality piece of art, the table is hand-cut, sanded, and polished. Each timber dining table is one-of-a-kind. When it comes to choosing your table, you have a plethora of choices, including types, woodcuts, colours, and more.

What Characteristics Should You Consider For A Live Edge Dining Table?

It might be difficult to choose amongst the different possibilities when it comes time to search for your new masterpiece.

The following are some of the most common features of a live edge dining table.

Wood Slab

A wood slab is a lengthwise cut chunk of wood from a tree with a live edge on both sides. Because of its length, this is the most common choice for café and dining room tables.

Wood Slice

A wood slice, also known as a tree round, is a horizontal cut made from a tree. The slice will have a live edge that runs the length of it, emphasising the growing rings. This cut is most typically seen on side tables.

Wood Burl

Burl is often one of the more costly alternatives. Due to a deformity known as a burl, some trees develop a big spherical protrusion. Burl wood is highly valued for its beautiful grain patterns and distinctive, rough edges.


Bowties, also known as butterflies, are made of inlaid wood pieces that span a fissure on the table surface. They keep the fracture from spreading further while also giving an attractive feature to the completed item.

Keep The Bark Or Remove It?

The artisan will decide whether to leave the bark on or remove it depending on the kind of table and wood used. It’s more customary to have the bark removed, and the edges polished down somewhat.

Advantages Of Live Edge Dining Tables

Since live edge tables are manufactured from logs, they have all of the inherent beauty of wood. They’re also often quite artistic in their design. When you purchase a live edge table, you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind item that will never be duplicated since there is only one in existence. Live edge tables are not only gorgeous but also quite helpful. A live edge table in your house serves as a continual reminder that you live in the real world. There is no such thing as ideal wood or perfect furniture. That is what distinguishes live edge tables.

Live edge tables are very adaptable and may be used for various applications. They may be either a coffee table or a side table. They may also serve as an end table.

These tables are highly popular since they are available in various finishes. When selecting a timber dining table, you may choose from a variety of finishes. You may want a light finish, or you may prefer dark wood. Aside from the various finishes, live-edge tables come in several forms. They are the ideal trademark element for any home design and will undoubtedly be the centre of attention on any occasion.


The misconception that solid timber furniture belongs solely in rural cottages is largely gone. Live edge dining tables feature a timeless design that will never go out of style, no matter how many times you renovate your house. From a rustic rural house to a sleek, minimalist area, a timber dining table will look great in any setting.

Wood radiates a feeling of warmth and liveliness, bringing a sense of cosiness to the environment. A live edge table’s natural flow provides movement to a space full of neat lines and sharp edges. Live edge dining furniture is becoming more trendy in both home and commercial settings. If you look at what your favourite interior designers have been up to, you’re certain to see some natural wood furniture.