Are electric fireplaces safe for pets?


Enjoying a cozy evening in front of a fireplace is a simple and easy way to relax at home. If your house doesn’t have a fireplace, a great option you can consider is to install a wall mounted electric fire that can keep you and your pet warm and give your house a lovely glow.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that lots of families cannot leave their homes for months on end because going out is simply not ideal. Upgrading your living space by getting an electric fireplace is a good investment.

You can install it practically anywhere

Practically any room in your house can be installed with an electric fireplace. A wall mounted electric fire is a modern take on the traditional fireplace. It’s easy to use and safe for humans and their pets. Families with animals at home are used to pets running around the house all day, and electric fireplaces can be safely turned on without the risk of hurting your fur babies.

It’s perfectly fine for your dog or cat to sit near the fireplace or even touch it because the glass doors aren’t hot. This also means there are no embers from burning wood that can accidentally get blown into your pet’s face or coat.

Wall mounted fire choices that are good for your pets

In the UK, you can find a range of wall mounted electric fires in different sizes and styles. A 26-inch electric fire is perfect for a basic flat and you can even choose from different coloured flames. In a confined space, your pet can be near the fireplace all day without you having to worry.

On the flipside, if you have a bigger area, the 60-inch fire suite is a good choice. You have more options for colours and it is installed with crystals and pebbles for a more natural feel. Families with multiple pets that roam free inside the house can turn on the unit and have no fears about logs and flames being knocked over.

Wall mounted electric fires are also good for you and your pet’s health because there are no emissions coming from the fireplace such as carbon monoxide. In some fireplaces, filters are installed so that dust, pollen or mold can be avoided.

You can even save on electricity because the fireplaces use LED lights that are more energy efficient. At night, you can also set the timer so you can fall asleep in a warm, toasty room and just forget about the off switch.

If your pet is sensitive to too much heat or cold, you can easily adjust the thermostat using the remote control or the touch panel to suit their needs.

Overall, getting an electric fireplace is a good idea if you’re a pet owner who wants to add more heat to your living quarters. You don’t even have to get a builder’s permit to get one because there’s no construction involved that will significantly alter the structure of your house or flat.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to go online and pick out a wall mounted electric fire for you and your pet and have it delivered to your address in a matter of hours.