Benefits of Installing Mosque Carpet

Mosques are a dear and important place to all of us, and we like to decorate it with full devotion. Mosque carpets are one of the most important parts of mosques; and are also known as part of Islamic heritage. That’s why it is always considered vital to install a carpet which is affordable, durable and also gives a good look to a mosque. People always select the type of carpet which comes with all these features and stability.

Installing Mosque Carpets are beneficial because

A historically sacred touch to the mosque:

As carpets have been part of mosques since the beginning of Islamic culture, it provides Muslim community the holy and sacred feelings, and sensation for their beliefs.

It provides warmth:

Carpets are always a source of warmth and coziness, as they deliver thermal resistance that means; it remains warm air longer in air than other types of floorings. The Carpets in mosques are of different designs, styles in different mosques according to weather and cultural differences.

Comfortable floors:

A mosque carpet is a place where Muslims stand and offer their Salath (Religious Prayers) five times a day and if a place is not comfortable then it might cause trouble for the worshippers. One of the benefits of installing a carpet in a mosque is that it provides comfort and relief while praying.

A safe floor:

A place where a daily number of people come and go there is a big chance of slipping and falling. Carpets soften these slips and accidental falls, thus save from any mishaps.

Styles designs and Colors:

Carpets are always available in different styles and colors. Mosque carpets being a part of Islamic cultural heritage are always rich in colors, designs and patterns. There is no doubt why they are a beautiful part of culture. The designs and patterns are not only a beautiful addition to the mosque architecture but it is also very soothing to our eyes and nerves.  Although the patterns of all mosque carpets are similar all over the world but there are always additions according to the mosques of different places like in hotter areas where summer is long and intense colors are green or blue and in places which are cold, then usually the colors and designs are in bright colors.

Easy to clean:

Carpets are easier to clean than the floorings. A place with lots of people almost all part of the day and everyday cleaning might take time and effort.

Affordable rates:

Mosque carpets are available at affordable prices everywhere.

Noise resistance:

Mosque is not only a place of praying for one or two a small mosque can contain hundreds of people and even whisperings and movements of walking and stuff create a lot of sound at quiet places like mosques and it can be quite distracting while praying. One of the big advantages in installing a carpet in mosque is that it sooth the environment and helps as a sound barrier.