Car Detailing Services You Can Offer From Your Home Garage


Car detailing services are highly in-demand these days. This includes a variety of thorough and deep cleaning and restoration that are specifically intended to improve the overall condition of a car. If you have car detailing skills and experience, you can definitely offer such services even from your home garage. To help you get started, try this list of car detailing services you can make available for your customers.

Basic Detailing

A car bought for basic detailing goes through exterior washing, interior cleaning, hand drying, and tire cleaning. Basic car detailing focuses on cleaning the car of dirt, dust, and light stains that are visible on its surfaces. Even though this is less intensive, basic car detailing can still give your car a refreshed look and feel.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of the vehicle is its first line of defense. And sometimes it needs special detailing so that its ‘like new’ appearance will be restored. The exterior of the vehicle will be thoroughly washed, stains are removed, polishing to restore shine, and also applying wax or sealant for added protection. With exterior detailing, the swirl marks, minor scratches, and visible oxidation are removed.

Interior Detailing

This type of car detailing focuses on the interior of the vehicle. This involves deep cleaning the seat upholstery,  floor carpets, and dashboard. This is more thorough than basic detailing as it will include high-powered vacuuming, removing stains, leather conditioning, and cleaning of visible surfaces.

Engine Bay Detailing

This focuses more on thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the engine compartment of the vehicle. This can help improve the engine’s appearance. Any potential issues in this area will also be identified. With engine bay detailing, this helps improve the heat distribution which can boost vehicle performance.

Paint Correction

Buffing or polishing is a paint correction method to remove swirl marks, minor scratches, and water spots. With paint correction, this improves the vehicle’s paint surface. If you want to offer this service, you should be skilled with such techniques and have specialized equipment to use.

Headlight Restoration

Over time the headlights become cloudy or yellowed. This can impair visibility while driving. You can offer headlight restoration but make sure that you know how to properly remove oxidation and imperfections. You should know how to restore clarity to improve safe driving.

Car detailing services are highly sought after these days. It can be customized based on client preferences and what the vehicles need. Car detailing involves more than just deep cleaning. As long as you have the proper tools and equipment, there are other services that you can offer even from the comfort of your home garage.