Delta 9 THC vs. Delta 8 THC

Delta 9 THC is not found in hemp or any other form of cannabis Sativa plant that grows freely in nature; however, its counterpart delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC) exists naturally and can be extracted from industrial hemp.

Delta 8 flower has the same chemical structure as delta 9 but does not have any psychoactive properties and can be used in many industrial purposes like pharmaceuticals and other nutraceutical industries where you need a high concentration of cannabinoids.’

Delta 8 vs Delta 9 strain

There are different types of cannabis Sativa plants with different strains. The two most important ones include Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa, which both produce various effects on human brain when consumed. Some people claim that they feel relaxed after consuming delta-9 thc while others say that it induces hunger, hence called munchies . This is because cannabis indica produces more of CBD – cannabidiol than THC – tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabis indica has more of CBD than THC, which is why it gives a relaxed feeling after consumption whereas delta 9 THC offers mood elevation and euphoria.

Delta 8 THC vs CBD oil

CBD is cannabidiol, another crucial component of cannabis Sativa plant that does not have any psychoactive effects on the human brain. Many people are shifting from delta-8 THC to cannabidiol because it treats many chronic illnesses like epilepsy , cancer, glaucoma etc without having side effects unlike delta-9 THC. You can buy CBD oil online without a prescription or visit the nearest dispensary if you live in USA or Canada for buying legal weed with higher concentration of CBD.

Delta 8 THC Online

Delta-8 THC can be bought online in Canada, USA and most other parts of the world without a prescription. You will need to buy delta 8 THC vape pen for consuming it easily through vaping. There are no psychoactive effects of delta-8 so you don’t get ‘high’ or euphoric after using it like delta 9 thc. It is extracted from industrial hemp, which does not fall under the Controlled Substance Act, unlike medical cannabis Sativa plant with higher concentration of THC.

Where to Buy Delta 8 THC Flower Online?

Does delta-8 come in flower? Many websites offer legal weed at cheap price. You can compare prices before buying delta-9 THC cartridges, CBD oil or dried flower buds online because prices vary depending on brands and concentration