Different Types Of Knives And Their Uses

Knife, an essential tool for cooking and for something else too which we’ll not be covering. It’s the extension of hand for a chef. Coming to the point, knives are important for any type of cooking, and not the same type of kitchen knife (มีดทำครัว, which is the term in Thai) can be used for every dish. There are different types of knives and every knife has its use and specialty. Here are a few types which you can use for different purposes,

·      Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is usually 8 to 10 inches long, with a long extension making it easy to hold. The blade at the tip rounds makes it efficient to cut or chop vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The blade is smooth and sharp enough to cut meat, poultry, and fish too. A chef’s knife is only used to slice and dice large size ingredients and using it for peeling isn’t the right thing to do.

·      Carving Knife

The name itself signifies the use of the knife. A carving knife is used to carve food. After cooking comes to the creative section and that is where a carving knife is mostly used. Used to carve or cut beef, pork, and turkey, a carving knife can’t be used to cut wider pieces. This carving kitchen knife has indentations making the cut slices easy to move or release.

·      Bread Knife

As already mentioned, every knife can’t be used for the same purpose. A bread knife is used mainly for slicing bread loaf. The structure of a bread knife is similar to a saw. Not only for bread, but it can be used for other baked products too. As the structure resembles a saw, large fruits where small knives fail can be cut with a bread knife.

·      Utility Knife         

A utility knife is mostly used to cut medium-size vegetables and fruits. They can also be used to chop or slice meat, divide sandwiches. The blade of the utility knife is sharp and smooth without any high surfaces in between. Peeling can also be done with this type of knife.

·      Paring Knife

The paring knife has a similar structure to the utility knife but when compared, the edge and the blade of the paring knife are super sharp. Though it is small in size, its efficiency is too high. Peeling can be done very easily with the help of a paring knife.

So, these are a few types of knives and their uses. Using the same knife for all purposes will not be the best idea. Hence, check with the uses and then select a knife for your requirement.