Download Grand Theft Auto IV On PC For Free

One of the action-adventure video games is Grand Theft Auto IV created by Rockstar North. In the GTA 4 series, it is the sixth main entry following the 2024’s GTA: San Andres. The game is playable on two different platforms:

  • PC
  • Mobile 

To start playing the video game, you need to get the free down app of gta 4 pc and mobile to install the game.

Download Grand Theft Auto 4 on a PC?

The underrated game of the Grand Theft Auto series tells an action-packed and intense story set in Liberty City, following Niko Bellic on a dangerous journey. Niko tries to escape his past and start a new life in Liberty City. With Luis Lopez and Johnny Klebitz, Niko joined forces with these two men to fight for survival in the ruthless city, which was torn apart by violence and corruption. The same with the other GTA games, you will be playing with several high-stakes missions, such as:

  • Shootouts
  • Car chases
  • Fights and more

You will get through all of these for your survival, as a player. If you look forward to trying out the game, you must download GTA 4 on a computer or PC for free.

Grand Theft Auto 4 for PC

You can download the Grand Theft Auto 4 game app directly from your choice of video game platform, such as Steam. Using it helps you access the game by downloading the game from there. You need to create an account or use your existing account to download the game. You can go to the official page of Grand Theft Auto 4 and start downloading the game on your PC.

Grand Theft Auto 4 download size for PC

Grand Theft Auto 4 download size is not as huge according to current standards. Grand Theft Auto 4 Complete Edition has a 28 GB download size, out of which GTA 4 requires 22GB. The Episodes from Liberty City have a requirement of 6GB. It needs a high-speed internet connection to download the game quickly.

GTA 4’s system requirements

Since Grand Theft Auto 4 was released a long time ago, it runs on most modern PCs and laptops with no problem. Thus, the GTA IV system requirements are:

  • OS (Windows 7 or above)
  • Processor (AMD Athlon X2 64/Intel Core 2 Duo)
  • Memory (2 GB RAM)
  • GPU (Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT or ATI Radeon X1900 GT)

The system requirements of GTA IV are not so demanding and you can get good experience on any modern machine.