Visit the Top 5 Summer Destinations in Morocco

The picture-perfect beaches make Morocco one of the best summer travel destinations in the world. The country has some of the beautiful coastal areas. There are plenty of activities here for both surfers and water sports enthusiasts. 

Even for those who simply want to bask in the summer sun and enjoy the cool waters, Morocco’s bays, and lagoons are the best places to visit. If Morocco is on the next list of travel destinations this summer, here are the best beach spots to add to the itinerary. 

Legzira Beach

This earned worldwide attention for its natural rock formations. Before it collapsed in 2016 due to years of erosion, there used to be two sandstone arches that were jutting out from the cliffs. Still, the smaller one that remained is a picture-perfect background for photo ops. Those who visit morocco flock here during summer for paragliding and surging activities. Its famous sunsets make Legzira Beach one of the most visited places in Morocco that tourists and locals visit. 

Oualidia Lagoon

This is another tourist destination that is just a few hours away from Marrakech. The Oualidia Lagoon is a village with a colorful beach. The shores are decorated with brightly colored boats that local fishermen and tour guides use. 


This is a small and traditional fishing and resort village located north of Agadir. The village has a laid-back vibe. Visitors can hang out in the town’s bars and meet the locals, then stay at guesthouses. There are also surf shops and schools for those who want to brave the waves. 

Essaouira Beach

This was once a popular hippie trail back in the 60s. These days, Essaouira Beach has been developed to be a port city. This remains the destination for hippies who love to hang out and sunbathe at the beach or dine at the local beachside restaurants

Agadir Beach

This is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains. This beach destination is part of Berber city. The mild climate here attracts both tourists and locals alike. This little fishing town is now busy as it has become a resort city. 

When in Morocco tourists will never run out of summer beach destinations. Summer months in Morocco are the best times to visit the country. Cooler months of the year are September through November and March through May. So plan the vacation accordingly to get the most out of the holiday to this beautiful country.