Everything You Need To Know About Auto Gate

Even though Singapore has the lowest crime rate worldwide, that does not change the fact that the safety of your home lies in your hands. As Agatha Christie said, there is evil everywhere under the sun. That means you should not feel complacent with your surroundings, especially in your living environment.

Since anything can happen in life, the more you need to get ready ahead of time. Besides installing CCTV surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and intercoms, consider getting an auto gate with a fingerprint door access system. Having these security measurement devices can give you more peace of mind.

You should know that those people who think that these things are only for the rich, famous, and exclusive do not give themselves much importance. If somehow you have the same mindset as them, then this article will help change your mind and convince you to get an auto gate for your residence in Singapore.

Part I: Importance Of An Auto Gate

Some people believe that having an auto gate for their residence is a luxury, but how would you know until you had one? Getting an auto gate can benefit you more than you think.

Below are some of the reasons why you should get an auto gate.


1. Offers Privacy

Maintaining privacy is something that everyone values, and that is what an auto gate in Singapore can do for your residence. Once you have installed it, no one else can get in and out but you and your family members.

You can keep outsiders where they should be since you have the utmost control over who enters and exits your home with an auto gate.

2. Enhance Security

When it comes to privacy, security follows. As a homeowner that installed an auto gate in your home, you can set limits for your dogs and children to keep them safe from outside traffic.

In other words, even if your children and dogs are playing in the garden, you can rest assured they cannot go outside by themselves. Just make sure to keep the remote control of your auto gate to a place where they cannot reach.

3. Welcomes A Great Deal Of Convenience

Apart from adding a security system to your home in Singapore, an auto gate can also open and close itself with a single push on its remote control. That means you do not have to stand right where your auto gate is to open and close it yourself.

If you have elderly at home that love to drive, they no longer need to get out of the car so they can park the car inside. After all, they only need to use the remote control so the auto gate will swing or slide by itself.

4. Add Aesthetic Appeal

Another benefit that you can enjoy by having an auto gate at home is that it adds more aesthetic appeal to your living space. Its presence alone can make your home more inviting, especially to your guests.

5. Increase Property Value

Besides aesthetic appeal, an auto gate also helps increase the property value of your home.  It is not surprising since having this alone enhances security and promotes comfort for everyone, which is why when you sell your residence in the coming years, you can still sell it for a much better price.

Every auto gate provides all these advantages without compromising your property. You should know that an auto gate comes in various styles, colours, shapes, and sizes, which is why you can use an auto gate anywhere.


Part II: How To Choose An Auto Gate?

While there is no exact cost for an auto gate, there are some criteria you need to consider when you choose one for your home. Discover some of them below.


1. Sliding Gate vs Swing Gate

To decide which one you should get between the two types of auto gate, here are their pros and cons.

●    Sliding gate

  • Save space; it sits tightly against the wall
  • Must keep debris-free to slide

●    Swing gate

  • Less maintenance
  • More acoustic
  • Eat a lot of space.

2. Type OfAuto Gate

An auto gate is called that way because it uses electricity to function. When you search for one for your home, you should know that there are two types of the auto gate: battery-operated and solar-powered.

Below are the explanations of how different they are from one another.

●    Battery-Operated

  • If you have regular power outages in your residential area, this is a perfect choice for you. As long as you use a small battery, you can keep your auto gate operational 24/7.

●    Solar-Powered

  • Solar-powered auto gates, on the other hand, require no battery. It only needs free energy from the sun. Opting for this type of auto gate helps you save money on your energy costs.

As long as it can absorb solar power from the sun, you can enjoy using your auto gate even during a power outage in your residential area.

1. Offers Free Installation

Another thing you need to consider when choosing an auto gate is it has free installation. You should know that installing an auto gate requires the right tools and expertise. Watching a YouTube tutorial video and doing it by yourself is not enough to install your auto gate.

2. Includes Technical Repair And Maintenance

Not all products can last for a long time. The same goes for an auto gate, which is why you should look for an auto gate supplier that provides repair and maintenance services. Doing so reassures you that there will be an expert who will fix it in case of trouble.

Is It Worth The Cost?

If you want comfort and safety in life, you know how worth the cost of investing in an auto gate is. Not only can you live a more carefree life but also your family. After all, you do not need to take another step to open or close it yourself.

Are you looking for an auto gate supplier that also offers repair in Singapore? If so, Astrol Security Engineering is the one you have been looking for. Go to their website today to find out more about what else they offer and could do for you.