Get a personal injury lawyer after Colorado Springs car accident

Get a personal injury lawyer after Colorado Springs car accident

You never really know when you end up in an unfortunate car accident in Colorado Springs. While we hope not, if that happens, you need to consider every aspect. What or who caused the accident? Was the other driver negligent? Were you partially at fault? What if your injuries are such that you need months in recovery? What happens if the other driver blames you for the accident? What are car accident laws in Colorado? All these questions and more are best answered by Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer. The role of an attorney for representing your case cannot be ignored or denied. Here are some aspects of why and how to find an injury lawyer. 

Do you really need an injury lawyer?

That’s often one of the key questions that clients have in mind. After all, hiring a personal injury lawyer also means losing money. Truth be told, it’s hard to file a personal injury claim and get a fair settlement without legal expertise. If you suffered minor injuries and don’t have much to worry in terms of financial losses, you don’t need an injury lawyer for sure. However, for most cases, it is wise to consult an attorney. 

Circumstances when you need an attorney 

Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If you had a share of fault, you may lose out on significant part of the awarded compensation. An attorney can try the best ways to maximize the settlement. There are certain circumstances when hiring an attorney is absolutely wise, such as – 

  1. If you have fault in the car accident
  2. When you are not sure of what caused the accident
  3. There were multiple parties at fault
  4. You are likely to suffer from temporary or permanent disabilities
  5. When your losses are substantial

How to find the right personal injury lawyer?

First things first, ask around and check if you can get a few references. Next, consider the overall work profile of the shortlisted attorneys. Find a personal injury lawyer who has worked on cases similar to yours. Also, the first meeting with a lawyer is usually free of cost, so make sure that you get a fair assessment of your case. Attorneys in Colorado always work on a contingency basis for most personal injury lawsuits, so you don’t have to pay the lawyer upfront. 

Check online on websites like Avvo to find known attorneys in your area.