Gold Loan from a Melbourne pawn shop.

If you’re running low on funds and in need of quick cash, come to our Melbourne pawn shop, and we shall help you sort out your financial difficulty. Apart from lending money against gold, we can also buy unwanted jewellery. So if you have a jewellery box full of items that look valuable but are not sure, we can help you determine their worth. Even if some of the gold jewellery is broken or was given by an ex and brings back some bad memories, it is still useful because it can provide you with money you need to pay all those bills.

It is easy to arrange for a loan with us, and we have the expertise to ensure that you receive the highest loan amount possible with the lowest interest rate possible. And we offer complete discretion, you are guaranteed to receive personal attention from us. Whether you want to pawn or sell your goods, we shall ensure that you walk out with cash within minutes. There’s no waiting time or cheques because we have enough cash reserves to cater to every kind of financial need. Our excellent and professional service will also ensure that you leave our premises with your dignity and respect intact.

You can get unbelievable deals on new and pre-owned items, and we offer the most reasonable interest rates. We will evaluate, test and weigh your gold on certified scales and in your presence. After that, we tell you what your item is worth and how much money we can lend on it. If you accept the terms and conditions we are offering for the loan, you get instant cash. And we are very transparent with our loan rates and fees, and you will find out the exact amount of money that you will be expected to repay.

When it comes to lending money against gold, our Melbourne pawn shop have a team of professionals who will value your items and offer instant cash. You can trust us to hold and keep your valuables secure in our high-tech monitored establishment until you’re able to repay the loan and take back your possessions. But if you’re unable to repay the loan, there’s no problem because we shall simply sell your valuables to recover our costs. And the good thing is that your credit rating will not suffer because our loans are non-recourse loans that are secured against your gold. We understand that you have financial trouble and we shall be empathetic towards your case.

Even if you have bad credit or even no credit history, that won’t be a problem because we don’t perform credit checks. We won’t look into your past because we are here to help you secure a brighter future. You don’t need to book an appointment because you can walk in off the street and conduct business with us. As long as you have your identification and current address, we’re open to giving you a loan in minutes. You can pawn gold in any condition, scrap gold, bullion, and gold coins and watches. And since our company is not a middleman pawn shop, you are guaranteed high loan amounts with affordable interest rates.