Here Are the Top Employers in Toronto

Here Are the Top Employers in Toronto

If you are moving to Toronto in the near future and you will be seeking employment, you will probably want to familiarize yourself with the top industries and employers in the city. Being aware of the economy and employment possibilities in a city should be a top priority when moving to a new city, especially since applying for jobs will be one of the first things you do.

As you are applying for jobs in Toronto, consider your skill set and whether you want to stick with your current career path or plan to change career paths when you move. With this information in mind, it will be helpful to know the top employers in your new city, and the top employer in Toronto are:

Business and Finance

If you have expertise in the business or financial sector, Toronto would be the perfect city for you. Toronto is considered the country’s capital of business and finance and is an international financial center. There are many banks and brokerage firms located on Bay Street in Toronto’s Financial District, and the “Big Five,” five largest financial institutions in Canada, all have national offices in Toronto.

Toronto was ranked as one of the safest banking systems in the world. In addition, the city is constantly attracting new businesses. So if you do have experience in business or finance and want to plan a move to Toronto, you will be in good company and will have many options when it comes to looking for jobs.

Media and Film

Toronto is also known for its media, telecommunications, and film industries. Some large media companies located in the city include Torstar, Bell Media, and Rogers Communications. Toronto is considered the biggest media market in the country, with several daily newspapers, magazines, and Canadian television networks headquartered there.

In addition, Toronto is known as one of the largest centers for film in the country, due to its low cost of production. Toronto’s streets and neighborhoods have been used to mimic many other cities in films, including Chicago and New York City. So if you have a skill set involving media or entertainment, or want to make the pivot to the entertainment industry when you move to Toronto, this would be a great city for you.


Toronto is also considered a technology hub and has offered more jobs in the industry than several other large North American technology hubs combined, including the San Francisco Bay area. 

Toronto’s technology industry is ranked third in North America after the Bay Area and New York City, and Toronto is also known as a great city for start-ups. If technology, including opening a start-up, is on your radar, Toronto should be too.

If you are looking for jobs in Toronto, once you have secured your employment, possibly in one of these top industries, you should also look at the real estate in Toronto available near your new employer. With all of these employment options, you will have so many possibilities when applying for jobs.