How do you celebrate someone’s birthday virtually?

Everyone will want the best moment when celebrating their birthday. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, several meetings with relatives, friends, and friends have become very limited. However, when your closest friend or friend celebrates his birthday, you can still celebrate it even though you are physically far away from each other.

Practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic might have you missing these meaningful moments. Even though it is celebrated virtually, it does not mean that a birthday celebration amid a pandemic cannot be exciting. Thanks to technology, we don’t have to be in the same place as our friends and loved ones to experience joy together. You can do several things to be happy and create fun moments by holding various interesting games through the video conference application.

Check out some ideas for celebrating other people’s birthdays during the pandemic!

  1. Virtual House Party

Who says you can’t have a house party during a pandemic? Take it easy. You and your friends or family can still hold a house party together. Of course, house parties are held virtually and by video call. You can hold group calls on birthdays or when the virtual house party date is determined. You can still chat, gossip, and have fun via Zoom call.

First, make an appointment with your beloved people to celebrate the birthday party via a video conferencing platform. Choose the platform that can be held calls for many people, such as Zoom, Google meet, or Skype.

To make the party run smoothly, create an invitation a few days in advance with instructions on using the video conferencing app because not everyone is familiar with video calling.

Connect your laptop or cellphone to smart tv, if you have one. Don’t forget to decorate the room with birthday decorations.

  1. Send a Cake or chocolate

Don’t forget birthday cakes! What’s a birthday party without cake and blowing candles? Ensure you have prepared the birthday cake, blow the candles, and make a wish. After that, guests can say their wish about the birthday person. Still exciting, right!

You don’t have to bother leaving the house to buy a birthday cake or chocolate bouquet. With birthday gift delivery Singapore, just scroll, select and pay. They will deliver the birthday cake to the recipient’s house safely. It also helps keep local bakers in business, so pick out the birthday person’s favorite flavor and send it over with your best wishes.

  1. Virtual Costume Party 

Are you a fan of K-pop groups? or a fan of the Disney series? Or the “Stranger Things” series? Why not try throwing a costume party? Of course, it will be really fun if you can make a costume party with a group or series that you and your friends or family like. It will be even more exciting if you watch movies/series according to the theme or do cover dance groups of K-pop together.

  1. Virtual Talent Show

Your friends may have hidden talents that people never even knew. Maybe they can dance, sing, stand up comedy, or play musical instruments. Whatever it is, a virtual talent show is a great way to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

Even if you are not the best performer, you’re sure to get a laugh from everyone’s antics. Remember that birthday parties are just like the show, must go on!

Apart from some of the above ideas, you can also celebrate birthdays by playing games together. Games are usually played face-to-face. This time we play online by Zoom or Google Meet. Here are some games that you can try to play together.

  1. Virtual Wish Jar

As the name implies, “wish” means hope. In essence, every player must guess the writer of the wish. A player becomes the leader of the game and reads out all the wishes. The player who guesses correctly the most is the winner.

The gameplay is straightforward. Each player only needs to write down their wish and send them to the player who leads the game via private chat columns. After that, the players must guess the owner of the game leader’s wishes. The harder the wish you write, the more exciting the game’s atmosphere will be.

You can also add some other rules to this game, such as the number of opportunities given for each player to guess.

  1. Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance invented in Italy in 1530. It is played using a scorecard containing 25 squares. The condition for winning this game is that the player must obtain a five-square row.

You can play the game through several bingo websites, which are available free of charge or create a special bingo board with a birthday person’s theme.

  1. Hold The Laughter

To play this game, all you need to do is divide the screen and prepare funny videos that can make other people unable to hold their laughter. The one who divides the screen is the judge. If anyone couldn’t hold back his laughter, then they would lose. It will be even more fun if the loser is given punishment.

  1. Riff Off Challenge

You may have done this challenge with friends. The way to do this is to start a song, but only a few lines of lyrics, then the next lyrics have to be connected by another friend. You will laugh at the expression of a confused friend when they don’t know which song to choose next.

  1. Guess the Song

The way to do this game is to play an instrumental version of a song. Then it has to be guessed by your friends or family. If you want to increase the difficulty level, you can play the song faster or just by playing the first 3 seconds of a song.

  1. No Mirror Make-Up Challenge

This challenge is for girls, yes, but if there are male friends who want to join, it will be even more exciting. So in this challenge, I took turns using mirrorless make-up while other friends paid attention. The person taking the turn must face the side, not the camera. When finished, the person is allowed to look at the camera. How do you make up without glass, the result? Get ready to laugh, okay!

  1. Charades

Charades is a word guessing game where one person tries to describe a word for the other player to guess by giving clues or moving limbs. This game has become popular since it was played on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk shows.

You can play this game through an application or website that is available for free on the internet (the material for playing has been prepared) or independently (you have to prepare the material before playing). Also, to make it more attractive and lively, you can add a penalty for players who lose when playing.

We hope these virtual birthday ideas spark your creativity and encourage everyone to celebrate. There are still many ways to make your special person feel like a queen or king on their birthday, even during a pandemic.

Another important reminder, let the party guests know whether the invite is on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or another video conferencing app so they have time to download it before the party starts!