How Often to Do Aircon Refrigerant Gas Topping?

The refrigerant gas is responsible to release cool air into the room. It is a crucial component of the AC system without which only hot air would circulate across the space. A gas replenishment process is required after every regular use. It ensures that your AC system stays in tip-top shape.

Delusions about aircon refrigerant gas toppings

There is no need for gas topping in an AC because the machine uses closed-loop system. Therefore the initial gas does not need replacement. Actually, a closed-loop system is a control system, where output is fed inside the system for input to generate more output. The process is cyclical and does not need external effort. Over time, metal gets eroded because of formic acid formation causing small holes that allow the refrigerant gas to leak. If ignored these holes get bigger and soon the coolant gas leaks out and the aircon starts blowing hot air.

Another misconception is that aircon gas topping is not a regular maintenance part. This is an age-old understanding, where some people didn’t know what regular aircon maintenance service comprises of. In this digital era, customers can check the internet to find out what a regular AC maintenance service entails.

Aircons are designed differently, so the first thing technicians do today is top up the gas. The experts from aircon servicing Singapore will first check the unit thoroughly to identify any leaks. It is done through system flushing before topping the gas supply.

Some people with technical and mechanical skills may have some idea of what to do. However, there is a need for an expert to ensure safety requirements are fulfilled. Aircons have multiple parts. For example, a filter is an easy part for everyone to clean.

However, the electrostatic and central units are a little complex and need experts because a little damage to the circuit can worsen the performance. DIY can end up spoiling a part or you may ignore checking some components and start using the aircon. You may end up in expensive repair down the road! So leave the maintenance to professionals.

How to identify that your aircon needs gas topping?

  • When the air levels blowing are warm. You can check it by placing your hands before the vent, a little warm air hint means call the professionals.
  • Water leakage from the unit means improper vaporization. Vaporization does not occur properly is mainly because of the insufficient amount of gas available for process completion.
  • If the unit makes noise means something is wrong.
  • Some problems are not discerned with ears or eyes like ice deposits on the coils. A frozen coil causes corrosion inside the unit. Regular upkeep is essential to avoid such ice deposition and depreciation to the coil.
  • Aircons automatically adjust the room temperature by switching on and off to save energy. When it runs consistently as it cannot sense the cooling or warm temperature inside the room then there is an issue. Check the thermostat to ensure it is functioning properly before considering gas top-up.

With periodic aircon maintenance service, the refrigerant gas is topped up for maximum energy efficiency and it even prevents mechanical issues that can impact its performance.