How to create a professional CV?

How to create a professional CV?

Writing a good resume can be quite time-consuming, but the important thing is that you can stand out from other candidates. Moreover, the recruiter just glances over your CV for a few seconds, so this is the best opportunity to capture his/her attention in a matter of seconds. Here are some tips to help you.

Build a near-perfect CV

How to do that? First of all, choose a good template to start you off. You should get the CV layout right as it is the first thing the employer notices when reading a CV. Everything must be easy to find in one glance. The colors and headings should be clear and consistent. Pick the right font size.

As a matter of fact, there are many CV builders online where you can find cv template free to download online. You can customize or personalize your CV as you want. You can also update your CV according to your previous accomplishments and skills. The CV builder will help you illustrate your carefully unique experience and specialist capabilities.  Of course, all your experience details must be well-organized.

Apart from that, keep your CV in 1 page if possible, 2 pages maximum because the recruiter won’t spend too much time reading it. Create space between the texts and make sure there are generous enough margins and so that it would be easy-to-read!

Include your contact information on your resume in the right way

This is the most important part of your CV as if the recruiter wants to call you for an interview, your contact details will let him/her contact you back. What to put there exactly? It should include your first and last name. After that, you should put your contact phone number and email address, make sure they are up to date. Don’t forget to mention your location, that is to say the city where you live. Apart from the basic contact information, you can provide your social media handles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and anything else as long as they are relevant.