Is DVC Membership Right for You?

Is DVC Membership Right for You?

Did you know that the Disneyland Resort has two world-class theme parks?

If you frequent Disneyland resorts, you might ask, “is DVC worth it?” After all, you might have heard this from lots of people. But without more knowledge about this subject, you might not know whether to invest in it.

We’re here to help you out.

How does DVC work and why should you get one? That way, you’ll have fewer things to worry about when you go for a quality vacation. Read on and find out more:

What Is DVC?

The Disney Vacation Club is a vacation ownership program exclusive to Disney. The Disney Vacation Development Inc. made it in 1991. This is a subsidiary of the main Walt Disney Company.

How Does DVC Work?

Unlike traditional timeshares, DVC works using a point system instead of buying a specific size unit within a certain time of the year. This gives you more flexibility to travel whenever you want, as well as the frequency and the duration of the vacation, regardless of your size unit choice.

Also, your Disney Vacation Club membership will end on January 31, 2042. You also have specific expiration dates depending on the vacation spot. Some of these include:

  • Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa – January 31, 2054
  • Animal Kingdom Villas – January 31, 2057
  • Bay Lake Tower – 2060
  • Aulani – January 31, 2062

This means your ownership will cease to exist after these expiration deeds. It applies despite you buying a “real-estate interest” with a deeded purchase. So, keep that in mind if you’re considering this option.

How Does DVC Rental Work?

After buying into the Disney Vacation Club, you must buy “vacation points.” If you’re buying directly from Disney, the minimum and maximum points are 160 and 2000 respectively. Take note, you can only buy these points once, meaning you’ll get an annual allocation of points until your contract ends.

For example, if you buy 300 vacation points during your initial purchase, you’ll get 300 points each year. You can use these points to spend on your accommodation choices. The best part is that you can bank and borrow your points to spice up your yearly vacations.

When you use your DVC points to get accommodations, some factors will determine the number of points necessary:

  • Time of the year
  • Resort chosen
  • Size of the unit

For example, a two-bedroom unit will use more points than a one-bedroom unit. Staying during the weekdays will cost fewer points compared to the weekends. Booking during the off-season is much cheaper than peak season.

To help you determine the final price of your accommodations, check out these point charts. Regardless, a little planning can go a long way and stretch your points toward an enjoyable year.

How Does DVC Use Year Work?

Your use year is the month of the year when your points get refilled. This means if you bought your points a September use year, your annual points will get replenished each year until the end of your contract during that specific period. In this case, from September 1 of the prior year until August 31 of the next.

What are the Costs of Becoming a DVC Member?

As a DVC member, you must pay a few different costs to stay eligible. Also, check out this guide since it lists the proposed annual DVC dues for 2021. Here are the fees you must pay:

  1. Initial Purchase

The current price to buy ownership in the DVC is $195 per point with a 125-point minimum. DVC is often generous and offers various incentives like discounts. For older, “sold out” properties, may have a reduced price whenever it becomes available.

If you aren’t planning to buy directly from DVC, a good alternative is to buy points through a resale agent. Most reputable ones sell it less than the current retail price. Do your due diligence and look for reputable resellers online.

  1. Interest

When buying from the Disney Vacation Club directly, you have the option of financing the cost of membership. They offer plans that can span for as short as a year to as long as a decade. If you opt for this, you will likely incur interest too.

  1. Annual Dues

You pay these each year, depending on the number of points you own. As a general rule, you will pay more depending on your points and your accommodation’s location.

  1. Exchange Fee

You’ll pay an exchange fee when you book a vacation using the Member Getaways program. This also applies when you use the Concierge Collection or the Disney Cruise.

What Does Home Resort Mean?

Your home resort is the DVC resort you bought your vacation points for. After you buy 160 points, you can also add points at any other participating DVC resort. Your home resort is more advantageous because you can book your stays on this property for a maximum of 11 months prior instead of 7 months for other resorts.

What Are Banking and Borrowing?

DVC policies let you bank your unused vacation points into the next use year or borrow points from the next. You can’t combine over three years of points at any given time. You also have limits when you bank points, and you can’t return them to their original use year once you decide to do so.

For example, if your use year is February 2022, you can borrow up to a maximum of 100% of these points if you plan a vacation in December 2021. Once you do this, you’ll have no points left for your February 2022 use year.

If you want to plan for a big gathering in 2022, you can bank your unused 2021 points instead. That way, you can reserve a grand villa for this purpose.

Enjoy Your Disney Vacation Today

How does DVC work? We hope this guide provided the answers you seek and more. Use these to ensure that your next vacation is memorable and magical.

But why stop here when there’s more to discover when it comes to enjoying your Disney vacation? Continue reading our other guides right here to get the most out of your time in the Happiest Place on Earth!