LASIK Surgery: Dos and Don’ts To Follow For A Successful Recovery

Vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia can affect your daily life. You may be contemplating LASIK surgery in Singapore if you have experienced any of the aforementioned refractive problems.

When you visit an eye specialist in Singapore, they will most likely inform you that it is relatively quick, simple, and painless. However, even with this fact, there are dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind as you recover. You must know and apply post-surgical care to prevent infection or problems.

Here’s how you can achieve a smooth and successful surgery.

Dos and Don’ts After LASIK Surgery


1. Do follow the guidelines of your eye doctor

After laser eye surgery, your eye doctor in Singapore will provide you with a particular postoperative care guide and limitations. Following these steps ensures a healthy recovery and healing. If they prescribed drugs or eye drops that you need to use, do them accordingly to avoid complications.

They will most likely explain each direction to help you understand their purpose and why you need them.

2. Do provide facts about your medical history

When you do LASIK surgery in Singapore, your eye doctor will need to ask you about your medical history. Your doctor must have all pertinent information in your chart, especially about your eyes.

Make sure you do not remove or minimise any eye or medical conditions. For example, you are allergic to a certain medication, but your doctor prescribed it. It might become a bigger problem instead of healing immediately.

3. Do let your eyes rest

Sleep is essential to the recovery process. Even if you are full of energy following laser eye surgery, relaxing your eyes and allowing them to recover is essential. Avoid attempting to read a book or other printed material.

Your eye specialist in Singapore will also require you to turn off your gadgets for at least a day or two. Screens radiate various lighting wavelengths, and even healthy eyes might be damaged by extended exposure. Limiting your exposure to screens in the initial few days following LASIK surgery is crucial.

4. Do wear sunglasses

After LASIK, it is even more necessary to protect your eyes from the sun than before the treatment. Even on cloudy days, you should always wear high-quality sunglasses with authentic 100% UV protection when walking outdoors. It will safeguard your eyes from potentially damaging light as they recuperate.

5. Do arrange a ride

Many individuals see an instant improvement in vision following LASIK surgery in Singapore. However, this does not indicate that your eyes have fully recovered.

Before you agree to schedule surgery, ask a family member or a friend to take you home, as you will find driving hard on your own without anyone’s help. You’ll find everything blurry for some time, so make transportation arrangements in advance.

6. Do follow preoperative instructions

Aside from asking about the LASIK surgery cost in Singapore, it’s also necessary that you know what you must avoid before surgery, as this might affect the outcome.

Avoid drinking alcohol or coffee as this might cause dehydration and interact with drugs used for the treatment. Although you will be comfortable, you will remain aware throughout the operation, and drinking can make concentration more difficult.

Another instruction is to avoid wearing contact lenses. The time you must be away from your connections depends on their substance. You must refrain from wearing soft contact lenses five to seven days before your pre-operative examination and operation. If you wear astigmatism-correcting lenses, you must be without them for at least 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the instruction of your eye specialist in Singapore.


1. Don’t rub your eyes

After your surgery, your eye doctor in Singapore will instruct you never to rub your eyes, and you must refrain from doing so while your corneal flap heals. Rubbing your eyes may interfere with your surgery’s healing process and outcome.

However, it is possible to rub or bump your eyes while sleeping accidentally. Therefore, wear eye shields when sleeping to safeguard your eyes, especially during the initial stages of recovery.

2. Don’t do sports and physical activity

Based on the type of activity and sport, you are excused from exercising or participating in sports for a few weeks to a month. After LASIK surgery in Singapore, letting your eyes recuperate before engaging in vigorous sports is vital. If you participate in contact sports or intense training, you should take a one-month vacation. Not only can activity and sports cause eye strain, but perspiration can also cause discomfort.

3. Don’t wear any makeup

In addition to avoiding touching your eyes, you should also refrain from applying cosmetics for the time being. You should not apply face makeup for one week following surgery and eye makeup for two weeks.

Eye makeup and brushes can be contaminated with bacteria and can cause you to rub your eyes, which can cause corneal damage and impaired vision. Until your eyes have had an opportunity to recover, it is recommended that you avoid applying any.

4. Don’t swim immediately

If you wish to go swimming after a few weeks, you should use goggles or close your eyes. If water gets into your eyes before your cornea has properly healed, it can lead to discomfort, eye strain, and even infection.

Before you dive, you should see your eye doctor in Singapore. A skilled surgeon will monitor your recovery and let you know when you can return to swimming.

When To Call Your Eye Doctor?

These suggestions will keep you on track for a successful recovery procedure, but if you have any problems, do not hesitate to approach your eye specialist in Singapore. You will be scheduled for post-LASIK medical checkups to ensure your eyes are healing properly.

You may also have another follow-up approximately 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. These consultations assure the optimal progression of the healing process. After LASIK surgery in Singapore, side effects might endure weeks to months, but the benefits are worthwhile.

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