Most Essential Strategies for Domino Qiu Qiu

Most Essential Strategies for Domino Qiu Qiu

Acting doesn’t come naturally and therefore simulations are easier to spot. If the action doesn’t seem natural, it probably isn’t.

Decisions take time

If a player takes time to call or domino qiu qiu, it is likely that he does not have an unbeatable hand. He may even be in the process of bluffing. Conversely, if a player thinks long and then goes all in, in most cases he has an unbeatable or at least very strong hand.

After this brief introduction to live poker basic tells, try to spot them. Focus on starting players like you because you share a similar mindset and you can understand how they think. Once you are well versed in the art of spotting these tells in beginners, you can start playing with more advanced players. Watch and listen during every single hand. In poker, all the information you can get is valuable. Even hands in which you are not directly involved can reveal a wealth of useful information. Also, knowing these tells will help you avoid reproducing them. 

Pay attention to your actions

  • Once you have reached a more advanced level, you can start learning betting patterns and bluffing as an expert. Remember that you cannot run until you have learned to walk and keep your eyes peeled at the green table.
  • Among the key concepts of Texas Holdem poker a very important role, and in some cases even decisive, is that played by the “continuation bet”, which can be defined as the post flop bet made by the player who had shown aggression before the flop came down.

This move, which must be known by anyone who wants to sit at a game table with the intent of making a profit, is a type of bet that has its own natural strength and, therefore, its elements must be known down to the smallest detail. .

Let’s start by saying that the continuation bet has a very strong psychological impact on the other players. In fact, the player who, after having raised pre-flop, makes a bet after the first three community cards have dropped, denotes a rather consistent strength such as to force opponents who have not managed to make valid combinations to fold. This is the purely psychological aspect of the continuation bet, able to “work” even when the descent of the community cards has not helped the attacker pre-flop.

However, the continuation bet can form the basis for creating a big pot when one or more players decide to call the post-flop bet. In this case, the psychological aspect leaves the field to pure show of strength in the hands of the players still active at the table and, therefore, the pre-flop attacker must be sure that he has the best hand to win the show down.


Finally, but certainly not least, the continuation bet move can represent the last weapon available to a short-stack to try to rebalance its chip supply before resorting to the obvious all-in “coin flip” type.