Ovarian exhaustion

Ovarian exhaustion

Even among young women under the age of 40, premature ovarian exhaustion is common. This syndrome is not very common, but has all the signs of menopause, despite the age of the woman.

This syndrome has several signs:

  • increased sweating;
  • unreasonable irritability;
  • constant fatigue.

These symptoms do not go away unnoticed, especially since they are joined by others: such as the absence of ovulation and, therefore, menses.  Before pronounced symptoms, the intensity of menstruation is greatly reduced, and then it stops altogether. When the ovaries are exhausted, the hormonal level is also greatly “jumping”, which may lead to an increase in sexual excitability, followed by a complete lack of desire to make love. The ability to concentrate is markedly reduced, and the body perspires constantly at any temperature. In addition, due to hormonal imbalance there are serious mood swings that are not caused by anything.

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All of this is an indicator that it is time for you to see a doctor for a full examination.

Ovarian exhaustion syndrome usually affects women 30-40 years old, and its causes can be very different:

  • radiation, which negatively affects the body, as well as the reproductive system;
  • undergoing an IVF cycle, during which the ovaries are stimulated, which can lead to depletion;
  • frequent pregnancies;
  • exhaustion of the body, including due to starvation.


When the first symptoms appear, the most important thing is a correct diagnosis. Then the cause of the exhaustion must be identified and eliminated, and only then continue the treatment.

This is a long process, requiring a lot of effort and a careful approach in each individual case, because it often concerns the woman’s ability to conceive. Hormonal medications are usually prescribed to normalize the reproductive system.

It is very important that diagnosis and treatment were timely, because the longer the symptom remains unnoticed and untreated, the more difficult it will be to correct this condition. In addition to the main problem – the inability to conceive and pronounced symptoms, the depletion of the ovaries is very bad for the body as a whole. On its background can develop such complications as early aging of the body, as well as heart attacks and strokes. In addition, ovarian exhaustion leads to infertility and severe psychological problems, including those associated with hormonal instability.


To prevent ovarian exhaustion, it is necessary to follow simple rules that relate to the quality of life in general. It is important to eat right, because starvation has a bad effect on the reproductive system, as well as a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Another cause of premature exhaustion is untreated in time infectious diseases. It is important to remember that a problem that was not solved once can make itself felt a few years later.

And it is necessary to be checked by a gynecologist at least once every six months to avoid trouble and in time to diagnose problems of the reproductive system.