Read to Know the Cost of your Hardwood Flooring

Read to Know What a Laminate Timber Flooring Is?

Laminate timber is generally made from a few layers of very thinly cut wood pieces that will be glued together by maintaining the grains so that they run parallel. After that, a paper sheet with a photo image of the wood grain will be placed on top, and finally covered by the laminating plastic sheet. 

Finally, these “hardwood facsimiles” will just appear like the real wooden floor, which is the reason why it has now become extremely popular with most homeowners. You can take the help of 689 Pty Ltd. who is a well-known flooring company form Gold Coast for the installation of your laminate floor at home.

The following are the different layers of laminate timber flooring materials.

  • Top protective layer

The top layer is aluminium oxide, which is UV resistant hence it will not fade due to sunlight. This coating offers durability.

  • Print layer

This layer will offer necessary texture to your laminate flooring. It uses high-definition printing technology and portrays the wooden design.

  • Core/substrate layer

This layer is made of particleboard that consists of mostly wood waste and offers the necessary sturdiness to your floor.

  • Bottom layer

This layer will be consisting certain polymers like melamine so that it will offer moisture resistance property as well as the necessary strength.

  • Underlayment

Generally, an underlayment will be used to offer a certain barrier between your laminate flooring and your subfloor beneath the flooring materials. 


There will be several benefits that laminate flooring can offer to homeowners. 

  1. Since it is just a mimic of hardwood and may not contain any hardwood, laminate timber flooring will be quite affordable. Homeowners will get a similar look and get the feel of any real hardwood floors and the cost will be a fraction of any original hardwood.
  2. Another good reason is that laminate flooring installation will be much easier than hardwood flooring materials. If you have a little experience in carpentry, it can be a very nice DIY project for you.  You will not require any great tools, but just a utility knife can do the job. All that you have to do is glue down all the pieces.


Although it may appear that laminate wood flooring will offer you a great flooring option but it has a few drawbacks. 

  1. Laminate floors will not last as much as any real hardwood. When there is heavy traffic, the outer protective layers may wear down.
  2. Also, if it ever gets scratched/damaged, then you cannot do any floor sanding to remove any visible marks. If your laminate floorboards ever get damaged, then you have to replace them.

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