Rules of engagement for women who go to strip clubs

Rules of engagement for women who go to strip clubs

A strip club or gentlemen’s club is a place where you most expect to find men ogling at beautiful women dancing and strutting their stuff on stage. They are fun, they are sensuous and a really great treat. It’s really unfair that men should be the only ones who get to enjoy all this fun, girls want to have fun too.

Besides the raunchiness and the fun of it all there is a lot to be said about women who go to strip clubs alone or with their significant others. For one, these are girls who want to explore their sexuality, to learn from the real masters of seduction how they can seduce their boyfriends. It’s an empowering experience for most women.

There are a couple of things you may need to know to know before you go on that strip club date with your boyfriend, especially if you have never been to gentlemen’s club Melbourne before.

Strippers welcome women go the clubs as well as they welcome men, however, the same rules of engagement that apply to men apply to women too, so best learn the etiquette if you want to have a great time.

#1. Don’t get handsy

Sure strippers are women, but just because you are a woman touching another woman is not going to be acceptable unless you are explicitly asked. If men can’t touch, woman can’t touch. Just don’t touch!

#2. Take it all in with no judgement

Strip clubs are an entirely different world unto themselves. To truly enjoy the experience, let all your preconceptions and judgements go. If you are with your boyfriend, there’s no need to be territorial when a dancer sidles up to him or jealous when your boyfriend loses his mind over how someone called “Peaches” works the pole. Sit back, relax and enjoy –  Peaches is only selling a fantasy.

#3. Don’t be drunk and disorderly

No one likes a sloppy drinker. Getting drunk in a strip club is expected, but losing your cool in a strip club and causing some drunken scene is not the best way to do things. Most clubs don’t tolerate disorderly behaviour and they will throw you out. Pace your alcohol intake and watch out for those cocktails, they have a way a way of sneaking up to you in ways you may not have expected.

#4. Don’t try to dance

It’s great that you can take your man to a strip club Melbourne for him to see naked ladies dance. If you are lucky enough, you may be asked by one of the dancers to go on stage and try the pole. If you can work the pole or twerk your way to heaven, then great, just remember people pay good money to see, the pros do it.

#5. Keep your hands to yourself

Any gentlemen’s club Melbourne is a sexually charged places and yes, you can’t help but feel some type of way during the performances and your boyfriend might too. When you do, do try to keep your hands to yourself.

#6. Be generous with your tips

Take enough money with you when you go to a strip club, not just for the drinks and the food, but to show your appreciation to the strippers who work hard to keep you entertained. These girls probably make their money on tips so your generosity is greatly appreciated.

If you want to spice up your sex life, share in your boyfriend’s fantasies or just to have pure unadulterated fun go to a strip club in Melbourne.